June 12, 2014

10 Wonderfully Woeful Dark Shops

1. Buxom Bones

This Etsy shop (based in Wichita, Kansas) sells plush goth jewelry, zombie apocalypse buttons, and darling little gothic wedding ring coffin boxes. There are some sugar skull brooches and Gothic Lolita jewelry pieces as well.

I won't need a wedding ring any time soon, but I sure like the looks of this red coffin ring box!


2. Coffin Comics Shop

Here's where you can buy Lady Death and Purgatori comics. I'm being reminded how many dozens upon dozens of Lady Death comic links I had back in the 1990s on Darklinks. She was so popular! You can also buy some original art, and signed editions of Lady Death art books.


3. CompassRose Design

This San Francisco based shop sells handcrafted steampunk jewelry. They also sell Victorian style jewelry and something they call typewriter jewelry.

My favorite item here is this pair of Victorian style mourning earrings.


4. DeadDolls Needful Things

This elegant German shop sells stunning feather collars and chokers, feather jewelry, lacy collars, and shoulder wraps. I wonder if they would be itchy? I'm certainly impressed by the way they look. There's also a lovely black wedding veil on offer.

To me, the most delightful item here is this goth feather shoulder wrap.


5. Faded Rose Factory Etc.

I'm wondering why this Midwest-based Etsy shop misspells the name of their shop in their logo. But anyway - check out the adorable one-of-a-kind goth art dolls here! They have irresistible big eyes, pale faces, and gorgeous wild hairdos.

I won't have $400 to spend on an art doll any time soon, but if I did, my favorite is this fanged one.


6. Judas Alternative Clothing

This UK-based shop sells over 1000 steampunk goth and alternative clothing pieces for men and women. There are steampunk top hats, military jackets, victorian jackets, tartan skirts, gothic dress coats, pieces of jewelry, steampunk outfits and goggles. The selection is staggering, but sadly the offerings are not sorted into categories for easier browsing.


7. Pandora's Parlor

This intriguing shop sells macabre decor (creepy doll heads, taxidermy, spooky clown puppets, antique funeral urns, etc) as well as used paranormal and Anne Rice books, curiosities and medical antiques. They sell online and in their physical shop in San Juan Capistrano in California.

Don't miss the antique doctor's case complete with mysterious vials.

There's also a lovely Dark Glamour section offering interesting antique jewelry pieces. Visit the Pandora's Parlor blog for info on their new finds. Oh how I'd love browsing this shop in person!


Pandora's Parlor on Facebook

8. Uncle Festers

This Australian shop specializes in "irresistible gifts and jewelry." You'll find Alchemy Gothic items here, witchy home decor, jewelry, fantasy home decor, and some gothic gifts.


Uncle Festers on Facebook

9. Victorian Valentine

This US-based shop sells beautiful Victorian, steampunk, and medieval style dresses, jackets, skirts, and men's clothing.

What I covet most from this shop is this brocade cloak.


10. Wonderland Contraband

This shop is based in Colorado. Here you can find adorable little charms and figures with goth-friendly themes. Attach them to your cell phone clip, your keychain, or string them onto a pendant necklace. There's a little Lydia Deetz, a pair depicting Jareth and Sarah from Labyrinth; a glum looking Edgar Allan Poe, and a little Maleficent shadow box for decor.

My favorite item here, of course, is this little pair of Jack and Sally charms. What an adorable little shop!


--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

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