May 4, 2013

Goth and Gothic Lolita Blogs from Around the World

Asylum Teaparty

This blog by a Finnish lolita offers so many adorable pictures of her and her friends dressing up and hanging out together. Such as this post on their Easter celebration. She recently was interviewed for a web show about alternative lifestyles. There's also a nice post about her recent visit to HelLo con.

Black Rose Gardenia

This Finnish blogger enjoys gothic fashion as well as gothic lolita. She mostly shares shopping finds - which is interesting because you can discover new clothing, makeup and jewelry - and her cute outfits. I wish she'd let us know a bit more about her and her daily life in Finland though!

Diario de Algodao Tingido

The blog of a Brazilian lolita who calls herself Vamp. Here's a look at what happens when Brazilian lolitas get dressed up for a meetup. There are birthday party posts, shots of her posing in beautiful parks, and lots of black frilly outfit posts.


Saija is a Gothic Lolita blogger living in Finland. She blogs about her adorable outfits, of course, but also shares pics from the recent Helsinki Spring Gothic Lolita Meetup; showcasing some delectable looking chocolate goodies; crafting an iron circlet; and reviewing some colored lenses.

Gothically Yours

Countess Adronasha blogs from Lithuania. She writes about the jewelry she creates for her Etsy shop; shares pictures of her dolls' tea parties; shows her mini garden inspiration; and of course shares fabulous outfit posts.

Kaleidoscopic Romance

This blogger lives in Madrid, Spain, and is fascinated with absinthe. She blogs a lot about absinthe accessories, plus corsets, steampunk, and dark Victorian jewelry.

She also creates witchy, dark items for miniature dollhouses, and sells them via her Etsy shop.


Linnea is a mother, witch, and seamstress who lives in Dalarna, Sweden. Currently she's blogging about the small cabin she goes to to recharge her energy; participating in Corpgoth's Hidden Bat Week; and taking part in Curious Professor Z's homework assignment as well as Sophistique Noir's monthly theme post on gothic fashion. You can take a peek at the leggings she made herself, and see the Irregular Choice boots she treated herself to. I love the glimpses of the Swedish countryside you can see in photos here now and then.

Jewellery Box of Starry-Eyed Lolita

Katerina lives in the Czech Republic. She prefers to go by her net name, "Venea." She shares pics of her outfits, as one would expect, plus her lolita fashion findings, and reviews of Czech Lolita brands. I love this post where you get to peek into her flat and see her home decor.

Jewellery Box of Starry-Eyed Lolita, on Facebook

Lolita cor de Rosa

I'm especially including this 19 year old Brazilian lolita's blog here because she posts so many fabulous pictures of Brazilian lolita meetups. She also translates part of each post into English, so you can get a better idea of what's going on in case, like me, you can't read Portuguese.

Luurankoja Kaapissa

Leena lives in Finland. Currently she's enjoying being featured as Goth Girl of the Week. Lately she's sharing pics of her Ice Queen Photoshoot; posing as a Gothabilly pinup; sharing links to her favorite blogs; and blogging about gothy animated movies. Don't miss the cute Tardis damask background wallpaper she uses!

Luurankoja Kaapissa, on Facebook

Milky Oolong

Katka lives in Helsinki, Finland. She's also sharing pics from the Helsinki Lolita Meetup; plus sharing her teapot collection; and showing us pictures from her visit to Tallinn as a tourist. (I love seeing what the cities look like!)

My Subarashii Loli Days

Karine blogs from Brazil, sharing many pictures of Brazilian lolita meetups and events. She recently shared what her day to day life is like; blogged about a vintage fashion enthusiasts meetup she attended; showed pics from her photo shoot at a historic fort in San Jose; and posts often about her shopping finds.

New Vogue Children

Caramea's blog. She writes from Finland about her Lolita outfits; her bunny, Odessa; shares her shopping finds and describes a fun tea tasting she experienced.

Satiini Taivas

Lady Selena blogs from Finland. She's recently shared pics of her as a Pierrot doll; photos of her dressed fabulously in a leopard corset at the theater; and shared photos of her trip to Rome.

Shards of Chaos

Miss Chaos writes from Finland. Her blog isn't, of course, in English (though many of the Finnish blogs I feature here include it in some form) but you might still enjoy her photos of her dolls, My Little Ponies, and of course, her outfits. I enjoyed the wilderness pics in this post, too.

Through the Looking Glass

Another Finnish blog, this one from Mothmouth. She likes horror, film noir, burlesque, roller derby, comics, and vintage style. Check out her portraits from the Helsinki Burlesque festival; a gorgeous outfit post and info on what she's been up to lately; and some stunning black and white photographs. I love these opportunities to peer a tiny bit into someone else's life, half a world away.

Toes on Lace

Elfie's blog about her life as a ballet teacher and lolita in Finland. Recently, she's sharing intriguing fantasy fashion photos; showing pics from a recent Lolita meetup in Tampere; and a post on her cute recent shopping finds. Don't miss her post on ballet at the Music House.

Untold Tales of La Esmeralda

This alternative model blogs from Germany. Recently she was on the covers of Sinicial Magazine and Gothic Magazine. You'll probably also enjoy the makeup she did for her friend Aurelia Isabella in this fantasy photo shoot.

La Esmeralda on Facebook

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