May 1, 2013

New Dark Links for the First of May


Yosiell Lorenzo

Yosiell is a Puerto Rican artist who lives in San Francisco. His characters are "The Sicklings." He creates sculptures, paintings and illustrations, often accompanied by little sayings. If you peek around his site or his shop you can find Wednesday and Pugsley; Little Alex; and Edward Scissorhands amongst the other drawings.

Yosiell Lorenzo on Facebook

Yosiell Lorenzo on Tumblr

Yosiell Lorenzo on Twitter

Helen Sobiralski Photography

Helen lives in Berlin, taking stunning, unusual color photographs of intriguing subjects. Check out "Peux etra Pas" and "Eschatology" and the disturbing imagery in "Bone China." I think you'll like "Her Inner Bloom" too.

Helen Sobiralski Photography Facebook

Unholy Beauty

German photographer Jennifer Stahlschmidt presents her portfolio of dark steampunk, fetish and goth fashion design, photography and dark fantasy art photos. There's a huge amount of stunning photos here; you'll want to clear your schedule for half an hour to enjoy this site!

Unholy Beauty on Facebook

Jehanne Weyman

I love the mournful pale waif girls in French artist Jehanne's artwork. Nothing here is very twisted or macabre, it's just that everything has a subtly dark feel to it.

Jehanne Weyman, on Facebook


TV Terror Land

This YouTube channel features made-for-TV horror films of the 1970s and 1980s. You can watch the entire movie online here, but usually in several parts. Besides the videos specifically uploaded to this channel, it features playlists of made-for-TV horror movies found elsewhere on Youtube. Over a million and a half people chose to watch Satan's School for Girls, for example. In case you ever needed to see the 1973 version of The Picture of Dorian Gray, here it is.

This might be a handy channel to keep bookmarked for those odd Friday nights you spend at home alone with pets, popcorn and alcohol.

TV Terror Land, on YouTube


Darkwave Scene

News and resources for the darkwave scene, including coldwave and industrial music, art and fashion. Currently sharing pictures of Peter Murphy, info on the incoming Inkubus Sukkubus tour, pics of other old goth bands, and reminding us about the upcoming World Goth Day.

Darkwave Scene on Facebook

Rivet Gig

This helpful site lists upcoming goth and industrial music events and club nights in the US. Visitors are highly encouraged to submit updates and corrections. Currently they're tracking Killing Joke, Peter Murphy and Dope Stars shows in May.

RivetGig on Facebook



"A fashion blog for creatures that breathe dark style." They find VERY interesting darker art and fashion posts. I'm not a fan of Tumblr, and so glad this instead is an easy-to-navigate blog format instead of a Tumblr or Pinterest board. Currently blogging about the Alice Auaa Fall 2013 line (check out the spiderweb dress); Lovers in Bonds skeletal clothing; a really weird motorcycle racing photo set that doesn't seem to belong; a military fashion piece featuring a grenade dress and Reaper which features a Frida Kahlo-esque headpiece. This excellent blog is going into my personal "Daily" bookmarks checklist.

Twistedlamb, on Facebook

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