May 6, 2013

New Dark and Goth Links for May 6, 2013

Kirsty Mitchell Photography

Even though they're not uberdark and spooky, I think you'll enjoy the fanciful photography here. The costumes are stunning, the models gorgeous and beautifully made up. My favorite gallery is "Wonderland" but "Nocturne" and "My Angel" are equally stunning. The photographer was raised in Kent, England, and schooled in London (costume design for performance and fashion design). She turned to photography after a series of illnesses and family sorrows. This is the kind of website I keep thinking about days later after closing my browser.

Kirsty Mitchell Photography on Facebook


Stunning surreal dark art (oil paintings and digital) as well as dark comic cover illustrations (many for IDW Publishing). The artist lives in Chicago. My favorite piece here is Bifurcation.

Menton3 on Deviantart

Menton3 on Facebook

Menton 3 on Twitter

Danielle Tunstall Photography

Danielle is a horror photographer who lives in the UK. Her disturbing portfolio includes "Zombieland," self portraits, portrait photography, "Black and White Squares" and graphic design works.

Danielle Tunstall on Facebook

Danielle Tunstall on Google+

Danielle Tunstall on Twitter


Esben and the Witch

This gothic rock/pop band hails from Brighton, UK. I love lead singer Rachel's vocals. In the last couple months, they released their "Wash the Sins Not Only the Face" album. They're currently touring Europe.

"When That Head Splits" on YouTube

"Deathwaltz" on YouTube

Esben and the Witch on Facebook

Esben and the Witch on Twitter


Deadly Cherries

This gothic and Lolita jewelry shop is based in Lithuania. There are intriguing deer horn hair bands, lots of red and black pieces with hearts and bats, elegant Gothic Victorian style pieces, and some Wiccan symbolism here and there.

Deadly Cherries on Facebook


This doll artist, Picara, turns Blythe dolls into one-of-a-kind pieces of doll art. Recently she's created an adorable Edward Scissorhands doll; plus a lovely Dia de Los Muertos; an intriguing Ghost Tamer; and an unusual Death Shinigami. You can buy the dolls, or photographic prints of the dolls, in her web shop.

Roguedolls on Facebook

Roguedolls on Twitter


The Buffy Rewatch

This Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast is by Robin and Cordia. Next week they'll be talking about episode 6 from Season Six, "All the Way."

The Collinsport Historical Society

This Dark Shadows fan blog constantly finds current news on the TV show to share. Currently they're blogging about the Dark Shadows Island Weekend that just took place, and the upcoming 2013 Dark Shadows Cast Reunion event. There are well-written episode guides, a podcast, and posts from various expert contributors.

Collinsport Historical Society on Facebook

Collinsport Historical Society: Blood Drive, on Tumblr

Collinsport Historical Society/Cousin Barnabas on Twitter

Monster of the Week

Each week, this artist posts a twelve panel recap of a particular X-Files episode. This is a lot of work, I wonder if she will be able to keep it up! Currently she's posting about Season 2, Episode 18.

The X-Files Truth

An X-files fan podcast. They're currently on their 38th episode. Five different bloggers contribute to this site.

X-Files Truth on Facebook


Halloween Culture

Celeste's blog offers Halloween recipes, costume tips, makeup and decorating ideas. It's really difficult to find interesting Halloween things to talk about in the months immediately after Halloween and while it's still many months to go til the next celebration. So I'm impressed at how many interesting things she's posted about with regularity. Currently featuring a devilishly dark Oreo cake; a feature on Pirate Week in New Orleans; red velvet truffle brownie bars; and lots of cool Halloween-related shopping finds.


Horror Homework

Horror movie news, trivia, DVD release dates, horror trailers, and sections for horror music and art.

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Zombie Burger

"You'll be dying to get in." This is a zombie-themed restaurant/bar in Des Moines, Iowa. Their themed menu includes zombie nachos, zombie poutine, Dawn of the Dead sandwich, and of course zombie-themed drinks. This sounds fun, why don't we have one of these in Seattle?

Zombie Burger on Facebook

Zombie Burger on Twitter

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