February 12, 2015

Intriguing Gothic Home Decor Shops

I wanted to share a few dark home decor shops I've stumbled across of late!

Freaky Furniture Store

This brand new eBay store (no feedback yet!) sells a large variety of coffin-shaped items for your home. They also have a more established presence on Etsy. There are coffin-shaped mirrors, coffin shaped cutting boards for your kitchen, jewelry boxes, and a coffin shaped coffee table.

My favorite items here are the coffin-shaped doll carriage and the coffin footstool.



Haunt Furniture

This Australian shop is supposedly going to open their website this weekend, on February 13. (Friday the thirteenth! How auspicious!) They'll sell throne chairs, regal beds, carved black furniture, and some furniture in pastel and shocking electric hues as well. Oh how I'd love for a store like this to open in my city!


Haunt Furniture on Facebook

Raxfox Design

Oh my gosh! I LOVE this store! I worship it! The shop is based in Leipzig, Germany. I'm wondering if the Whitby Gothic Weekend folks have influenced this designer's tastes and style?

Here's a Burtonesque kitchen bookshelf; here's an oddly shaped March Hare Bookshelf; a darling Jack Skellington bookshelf will probably tempt you. Everything here is Burton or Wonderland influenced, twisted into unusual shapes, and painted beautifully as far as I can tell from the pictures. I think you are going to swoon!

My favorite item here is this Lullaby Bookshelf, but it was agonizing to pick just one favorite!


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Spooky Shades

Here are some really cool lamp shades based on cool horror, circus sideshow, palmistry, and sugar skull themes. The shop also sells some pillow covers and horror-themed drink coasters. The shop is based in Lyons, France.

My favorite item here is this circus sideshow ceiling pendant lamp shade.



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This is a Limited Edition

What a dumb store name (IMHO). However, this UK shop sells amazing and unusual home decor and art prints based on works by the type of pop-surreal artists you see in Hi-Fructose Magazine. The artists' works are printed onto teacups and saucers, pillows, scarves, dinnerware, bags, and even onto chairs. (Check out the "Curious Embrace" octopus-themed wing chair!).

"You Come First" cup and saucer, by Audrey Kawasaki
Some of the darkest, coolest artists featured here include Nathan Jurevicius, my personal favorite, Audrey Kawasaki, Tara McPherson, Caia Koopman, Kukula, the ethereal Nicoletta Ceccoli, and Frank Kozik.

I had so much fun exploring this site tonight, and I hope you will enjoy it very much as well!


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