December 29, 2014

Dark Gothic Blog of the Year for 2014

This year I want to showcase Goth Gardening, which I have so enjoyed reading every time I have stopped by these past few months.

"Goth Gardener's" real life last name means "the child from the land of spiders" in Polish - how cool is that?

It's really difficult to write high quality blog posts multiple times per week - she manages 10 to 15 posts a month, which is every other day! It's been so fun, in a non-creepy-stalking way, to see the things she shares about her life and adventures somewhere in (I think) Virginia?

The blog began back in May with her first musings on gardening.

You can read about her tour of the Ashland Holiday Home Walking Tour, read about her excitement regarding her upcoming wedding, check out the beautiful outfit she wore to her staff holiday party, and learn from her about the house of Poe's "Lost Lenore." You can read about her goals for Bat Fit 2014 - I am impressed, I didn't have the courage to blog about my own personal goals.

She loves Christmas, and recently ran a Goth Gardening Gift Giving Contest on her blog. I'm enjoying learning about her Candlemas tradition as well as the legend of the Snowdrop.

Is there much actual "gothic gardening" content here? You'll just have to peruse the back entries to find out. (I'll give you this one hint: purple shamrock plants).

Why am I featuring this one blog in particular? I think it's a great example of a fun blog by an upbeat, intelligent goth who explores a lot, shares cool spooky finds, isn't afraid to share personal things, and isn't trying to prove to anyone how goth or dark or morbid she is. She's just living her interesting life, working towards her goals, and letting us Internet goths have a quick peek at what that looks like for her. Bravo.

I like her advice here and wish young goths would read that particular post.

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

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  1. WAHOO! I love this woman! :) And she's a fellow academic -- GOOD CHOICE!

  2. Awww, thanks so much! It's like *the little blog that could... sorta* :p