September 6, 2014

New Dark Links for a Sad Saturday


Ladies in Black

This community of almost 200,000 people strives to promote dark models and artists. There are several posts per day, most seeming to be reshares from other webpages and communities rather than original content. Still, that many people have signed up to see these gorgeous ladies!

The Ladies in Black, on Facebook

Macabre, Weird and Beautiful

This Facebook page specializes in macabre and beautiful images. There are a few intriguing images shared every day.

Macabre, Weird and Beautiful on Facebook


Images posted to this Facebook page are all striking black, white, and grey, with very occasional pops of color for contrast.

Monochrome, on Facebook

Taxidermy Workshop

"A Taxidermy group for enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals and rogue taxidermists to share their latest work, mounting tips, tricks and upcoming events." Heh, I like the idea of "rogue taxidermists." The group has nearly 5000 members.

Taxidermy Workshop group, on Facebook


Berlin Black

This post-punk band is from York. Their influences include David Bowie, Bauhaus, The Cure, and the Psychedelic Furs. I'm enjoying their song Roses right now.

Berlin Black, on Facebook

Christine Plays Viola

This gothic rock/darkwave band is from Italy. I ran into one of their songs on YouTube and had to find out more about them.

Christine Plays Viola on Bandcamp

Christine Plays Viola, on Facebook

Christine Plays Viola on Last.Fm

Christine Plays Viola on Soundcloud

Christine Plays Viola on YouTube

Rosa Crux

This French band plays post-punk and "dark ritual" music. They happened to play a goth show in their hometown just tonight.

Rosa Crux on Facebook

Rosa Crux on Last.Fm


Asphyxia Couture

Gorgeous gowns from Auckland, New Zealand. There are overbust and underbust corsets, bespoke wedding gowns that are incredible, burlesque outfits, waist training, and fantastic headdresses. Truly stunning.

Asphyxia Couture on Facebook

Asphyxia Couture on Pinterest

Asphyxia Couture on Tumblr

Asphyxia Couture on Twitter

Lady Moon Designs

This Etsy shop is based in Australia. The owner offers corsets, gothy dresses, skirts, and tops. My favorite piece here is the blood spatter apron.

Larva Fashion Art & Design

Based in Germany, Larva Fashion sells corsets, hats and gowns. My favorite thing here is the Mariposa Verde baroque gown.

Obsessed with Skulls

The world's largest shop selling skulls and skull-related merchandise. They carry skull shoes, skull clothing, skull housewares, skull baby clothes, skull pet supplies, skull jewelry, and of course books, and DVDs. Amazingly, they even have a section for skull-shaped food. You'll have a ton of fun browsing here - don't stay up too late past your bedtime and then curse me in the morning!

Obsessed with Skulls, on Facebook

Obsessed with Skulls on Pinterest

Obsessed with Skulls on Tumblr

Obsessed with Skulls on Twitter


Bay Area

A Facebook group for Bay Area goths to share event listings, news, and updates on goth and industrial happenings in this very large, active area. Over 700 people are members.

Bay Area Goth group, on Facebook

Creepy Cincinatti

Not a site for goths, this specializes in hauntings, as well as local urban legends and myths. Occasional historical tragedies from the Cincinnati area are posted here.

Creepy Cincinatti, on Facebook

Dark Heart-Land

This page supposedly is a resource for Kansas City (it doesn't even say which one in the About section; I assume they mean Kansas City, Kansas) but mostly is a bunch of reposts of cool gothy images from other pages. I wonder if KC just doesn't have enough goth events to announce. Still, it could be a good way to network with other goths in the area.

Dark Heart-Land, on Facebook

PDX Industrial/Gothic News

A group of about 700 Portland, Oregon goths and industrial music fans sharing events and resources.

PDX Industrial/Gothic News group, on Facebook

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