April 19, 2014

New Dark and Gothic Links for April 19, 2014


Albert CerriteƱo

This Mexican illustrator currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He draws whimsical monsters and unusual creatures, odd and quirky people. While his art isn't spooky-horrific, I think you'll like exploring his unique style.



The Dark Rayne

Renu Sharma's dark digital art and photo manipulations. There are angels, dark fairies, women in beautiful gothic gowns, and several variations on mournful women wandering through tombstones. Renu Sharma lives in India.


The Dark Rayne on Facebook

The Dark Rayne on Twitter


This Austrian photographer specializes in dark fashion photography. Sadly, there don't seem to have been many new images uploaded in a few years, but I venture you'll enjoy browsing the gallery archive.


Krystal Forest

Dark fashion and fetish photography from a photographer based in Paris. They also do some nudes, lingerie photography and music/band photos. The photos here are very professional, and the images are quite stunning.


Krystal Forest Photography on Facebook

Rebecca Yanovskaya

This freelance illustrator lives in Toronto, Ontario. She draws dark fantasy with mythological and Art Nouveau influences. Her favorite illustration tool is a ballpoint pen.


Rebecca Yanovskaya on Facebook

Rebecca Yanovskaya on Twitter


Adorable artwork by Erica Ann Tolbert-Jones. She lives in Georgia. Check out her cute Bride of Frankenstein and her depiction of Lily Munster.



Life After Death

This comic explores what happens after The Grim Reaper becomes unemployed, gets roommates, and becomes mortal.


Life After Death on Facebook

Life With Death

This comic follows the adventures of Kim Reaper, working to replace her father Grim so he can retire. The comic (by a female artist, by the way) is no longer updated, but you might like checking out the past pages.


Morbius, the Living Vampire

Marvel's vampire series, currently on issue #9.

Morbius, the Living Vampire at Marvel.com


Dance With the Dead Radio

A Live365 radio station that plays gothic, extreme metal, and punk music. The radio station is based in Tennessee. Check the blog for the schedule of upcoming themed music shows.


Dance With the Dead Radio, on Facebook


The Crypt of Curiosities

This Etsy shop is based in Leeds, England. It offers gothic jewelry, including filigree bat necklaces, Edgar Allan Poe inspired jewelry, some ankhs and pentacles, and a lovely black vine and burgundy rose piece.


The Crypt of Curiosities on Facebook

Grin, Grimace and Squeak

This Yorkshire-based store sells gorgeous and unique masquerade masks. There are animal themes (raven, red fox, rabbit, a wolf and various birds) plus a devil themed mask, masks with vines and leaves, steampunk circlets, and masks for weddings. The masks have a delicate, intricate look about them.


Grin Grimace and Squeak on Facebook

Immortal Visions Paper Crafts

Melissa Walker's handcrafted paper oddities. The shop sells Halloween greeting cards, steampunk greeting cards, Victorian greeting cards, plus vampire and mourning-themed cards as well. The cards are priced well considering how much time it takes to create each one by hand. My favorite card here is this embellished gothic mourning card.


Immortal Visions Paper Crafts on Facebook

Immortal Visions Crafts on Pinterest

Immortal Visions on Twitter

Kate's Clothing

A huge UK-based punk, gothic and alternative clothing shop. Besides clothing, they sell shoes, accessories, jewelry, and hair dye. They specialize in gothic prom dresses, and offer a large selection of plus size goth clothing too. My favorite thing here is the Kreepsville 666 bat wing top.


Kate's Clothing on Facebook

Scarlet Rabbit

This Etsy shop is based in my own neck of the woods, Redmond, Washington. It offers gorgeous hand crocheted gothic, Victorian and steampunk accessories: wrist cuffs, fingerless gloves, collars and chokers, and necklaces. There are also some steampunk brooches and hat pins. My favorite item here is the Victorian crocheted wrist cuffs.


Scarlet Rabbit on Facebook

Red Queen's Black Legion

I'm a little hesitant to include this Australian alternative and Lolita clothing store, since we're well into 2014 and their website mentions 2013 in multiple places still. Their Facebook has been updated recently though, a good sign! If they're still in business and actively selling, they offer gothic and steampunk clothing, Lolita, goggles, and punk jewelry.


Red Queen's Black Legion, on Facebook

The Violet Vixen

Massive corset store specializing in burlesque. Besides corsets, they sell steampunk, gothic and alternative clothing, shoes and accessories. Check out the Wicked Warm Bodies black skirt and their Angel Wings corset.


The Violet Vixen, on Facebook



Charlotte's blog on gothic interior design, and her life and interests. She hasn't posted recently, but you'll enjoy exploring her home's Halloween decorations from last year.


This Goth House

"Home improvement with a dark twist." A goth girl shares her journey and experiences renovating and decorating her goth home. I love peeking into the pics of ongoing progress - it inspires me to do more to fix up my own home.



Feast on Friday

I love this idea - here's a community for sharing gothic and spooky cooking photos and Halloween recipes, year-round. Helping bring Halloween into your home and kitchen every day!



Goth Bats

17,000 goths joined this community to get their daily dose of bat-related pics and posts.


Gothic and Alternative Small Business Forum

This group invites you to market your gothic and alternative business here. You're welcome to post your stores, pages or anything related to your Gothic and Alternative products, hand crafted items, and art.



Locating the Gothic

"'Locating The Gothic' is an international conference and series of interlinked events exploring the concept of Gothic locations. It is jointly organised by Limerick School of Art and Design and Mary Immaculate College. Apart from initiating academic considerations of the Gothic and place, it will celebrate the city of Limerick itself as a Gothic location. With its fascinating, bloody, and Gothic mix of history, literature, art, and folklore, Limerick enlivens the Gothic imagination with native narratives that encompass tales of battles and sieges, river monsters, ghosts, cannibalism and a long-standing city-curse." The conference will be held in Limerick, Ireland between October 22-25, 2014.



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