October 19, 2013

New Goth Links for October 19, 2013


Ania Tomicka Art

The gallery of an Italian pop surrealist artist. She draws in sort of the "Big eye girl" style. Her gallery includes paintings, drawings and digital art.


Ania Tomicka on Facebook

Ania Tomicka on Twitter

San Gato Photography

This stunning photography gallery displays the works of Cat Lippi, who resides in St. Augustine, Florida. She specializes in horror and conceptual photography. There's also a section for her Make Believe photography and the set photography she does on local horror movie sets. Gorgeous work here, you'll love looking through the galleries.


San Gato Photography on Facebook

San Gato Photography on Twitter

Sarah Troester Photography

A German photographer's beautiful dark fairy-tale and fantasy inspired photos. The costumes shown here in the photos are incredible.

Sarah Troester Photography on Facebook

Sarah Troester on Flickr


The Macabre Doctrine

Alexandria blogs from Idaho, writing about horror movies, the paranormal, hauntings and old murder cases.



Dark Books.Org

This site is Witch Christina's archive of free occult, magic and mythology etexts and ebooks. Subjects include gods and goddesses, spellbooks, fairy tales, tarot, rituals, Freemasonry, horror tales, Celts and Druids, and many more. A nice resource.



Calavera Calavera

Here's an unusual band! Calavera Calavera hail from Madrid. They play a fusion of industrial electro, Caribbean and goth music. You can check them out by listening to their four songs available on Bandcamp.

Calavera Calavera on Bandcamp

Calavera Calavera on Facebook

Dead Souls

Dead Souls is a Joy Division tribute band from San Francisco. I've checked out a few of their Youtube videos and I'm impressed by the vocalist!

Dead Souls on Facebook

Dead Souls on MySpace


Eye Kandy Cosmetics

While not specifically tailored to goths or the dark alternative scene, Eye Kandy Cosmetics sells some really cool glitter and mineral sprinkles that I think might appeal to cybergoths and perkigoths. They also present a "Liquid Sugar" sealant to help keep the pretty shiny stuff on your eyelids. but


Eye Kandy Cosmetics on Facebook

Impero London

This London company offers bespoke luxury leather clothing. Not everything here will speak to your goth sensibilities, but I think you'll enjoy looking through the things here. Check out the Men's leather tailcoats, for starters.

My favorite garment here is this leather corset dress coat.


Impero London on Facebook

Impero London on Twitter

Violette Market

This shop sells hand blended perfumes, as well as bath and body products. Their current collections include a "Long Ago and Far Away" theme (perfumes named Pumpkin Coach, Gingerbread House, Black Apple, Cathedral and Spider's Design); Myths and Legends (scents named for Hades, Demeter's Lament, Pandora's Box and Persephone); and an entire line of fragrances called Vampyre.


Violette Market on Facebook

Violette Market on Livejournal

Violette Market on Twitter


Dancing Ghosts

This club is a darkwave dance party in San Francisco. It doesn't seem to have any actual upcoming events since May 2013, but I'll leave this link in here just in case they become active again this autumn, cuz it sounds like they put on fun events.


Dancing Ghosts on Facebook


Batty for Bats

A Facebook group for people (not just for goths) who love bats. Photos, artwork and bat-related product pics are posted.

Batty for Bats Group, on Facebook


Cenobite Me

A horror review blog. This guy has a huge horror movie collection, and his blog is a good way to learn about obscure horror movies you might not have heard of before.


The Classic Horror Film Board

Here's a nice active horror forum with posts on classic horror, the Golden Age of horror, Universal Monsters, Sherlock Holmes and other cool topics.


Horror Feminista

Horror and sci-fi reviews from an entertaining writer.


Raz's Midnight Macabre

This adults-only blog is currently taking part in a 30 day Horror Movie Challenge. Not a lot of commenters are responding - maybe drop an encouraging comment or two?


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