July 20, 2013

July 20's New Gothic and Dark Links


Cannibal Roses

Cannibal Roses is a monthly coldwave, dark post-punk radio show that plays on Cathedral 13. The same show is repeated every Saturday throughout the month, so you can catch it again if you've missed it the prior week. Check this blog to see each month's playlist. You're bound to discover a band or two you'd never heard of, too.



Nerd Dollz

This Phoenix-based shop sells darling handmade crocheted geeky amigurumi dolls. There are comic book dolls, Star Trek dolls, zombies (including a My Little Pony zombie doll), and lots of dolls based on gothic and horror movies. (I love this Gary Oldman as Dracula, complete with little blue eyeglasses).

My favorite thing here is probably this Beetlejuice and Lydia set.


Jekyll & Hyde Jewelry

This shop, based in Pennsylvania, sells steampunk and Victorian Gothic jewelry pieces. The more interesting pieces here are ear cuffs, bronze "dragon claws," an elven leaf claw armor set worn as rings, and this lovely Summer Spider Key Pendant. Refreshing to see such unusual designs!


To Hell in a Handbag

What an odd little shop this is! (That's a compliment!) They sell bizarre pinup head vases, tattoo-related wedding cake toppers, retro hair accessories and some funky home decor type items. The shop is based in California.

My favorite thing here is this The Monster Demands a Mate Frankenstein's bride head-shaped vase.




Deus Ex Machina

This blogger is a 21 year old goth girl writing from Berlin, Germany. She shares outfit and face posts, plus blogs about goth fashion, her first creative video, and some serious posts such as her thoughts on unawareness of animal cruelty in the goth subculture.


If I Only Were a Goth

The "Green Fairy" (Steph) blogs from Australia. She writes about goth fashion, cosmetics and beauty. Check out her pics of her gorgeous green hair as she reviews this hair curler. She also occasionally posts about steampunk, zombies, cthulhu, music and other interesting topics. I love peeking into her life, finding out a bit of what it's like to be a goth in Australia.



Best Goth

This Facebook page has over 55,000 fans who volunteer to look at beautiful gothic women's photos on here multiple times per day. I have scrolled down super far and I don't think I've seen a single pic of a guy, haha! The pics seem to all be sourced from elsewhere, and sadly, they don't include the original model, photographer, link or source's name.

Best Goth, on Facebook

Clad in Black

This Facebook dark fashion page mostly shares reposts from Dark Style and doesn't usually attribute where the fashion pics are coming from. They just posted a really cool pair of shoes today with no link or info as to which company made them. That's not very useful :( The pics are really cool though.

Clad in Black, on Facebook

Gothic 101

At last - an actual goth community, not just a place to post pictures. "This is a place to learn about the history and wonders of the gothic movement from people with lots of experience." A closed group you'll have to ask permission to join, but they aren't elitist. Looking through the admin and member list, I see a lot of nice people who are very knowledgeable about goth. Currently there are 114 members.

Gothic 101 Group, on Facebook

Swing Goth SF

This looks so fun! This group of people isn't necessarily comprised of goths, and the music isn't always goth. Nor is their style of dance always swing. But still, this group of SF dancers seems to have a great time doing what they do, with occasional swinging and goth mischief thrown in. They appear extremely well organized and offer many ways to keep in touch with what they're doing. Check out the video from their 2009 Bowie Ball.


Swing Goth on Facebook

Swing Goth's Flickr Photostream

Swing Goth on MySpace

Swing Goth on YouTube


Another small (137 members) closed community that's been quite welcoming to me.

GothTalk Group, on Facebook


Blacklist Productions/The Blacklist

The Blacklist is a concerted effort between multiple members of Northwest goth/EBM/darkwave/industrial bands to promote darker music in this grunge-dominated area. This is a really useful resource, with lists of bands, upcoming shows, audio and video clips.


Blacklist Productions on Facebook

Out ov the Coffin

This podcast is framed as a specialty radio show, playing dark and goth music. You can stream the episodes on Mixcloud. Each podcast post also includes really interesting news and links, which is really cool. The blogger lives in Tennessee. I really like this podcast!


Out ov the Coffin, on Facebook


The Horror Cats

I wouldn't have supposed there was quite enough material to fill an entire blog with felines in horror movies, but there apparently is! Recently they're posting about a 2008 horror movie called Colour from the Dark


Truly Disturbing Horror

A horror news website that's currently featuring lots of recently updated genre news from San Diego Comic-Con. They cover horror books, games, music, and movies. This blog also produces a Disturbing Talks podcast.


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