June 29, 2013

Six Dark/Goth Blogs I'm Reading Today

1. Ghost Prince

Chance is a young goth who blogs about his adventures; what he's reading; his love of The Cure; and goth fashion. You can tell this is quite a character with no shortage of personality, grin. Check out their haircut and style post.


2. Elisandre - L'Oeuvre au Noir

Elisandre Crowley's blog, in French, featuring lots of dark artwork finds. Essentially, this is a Tumblr but with a faster-loading set of images! You'll have plenty of dark visual treats to look at here.


3. Cruel Britannia's Brain Vent

DJ Cruel Britannia (who presents Fadeout on Phoenix Radio and creates "Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe" on Nightbreed Radio. This is his personal blog, where he writes about World Goth Fair in Second Life; e-cigarettes in the UK; and info on his shows.


4. Reflections of a Fairly Goth Mother

I am surprised how quickly I was drawn into this blog, by the excellent writing and how willing the author (Ayngel) is to share her personal thoughts. Her "Little Girls Need Their Daddies" post is heartbreaking. She shares her Most Embarrassing Parenting Moment as well as her thoughts on Turning a Boy Into a Man which resonates a lot with me as I have a pre-teen boy. Come to find out, there's not a lot of goth content here, but if you're currently raising children, I'll bet you'll read and enjoy the posts here.


5. Enchantment of Satin

Lady Satin blogs from Finland. While her posts are in Finnish so most of us can't read them, they're still peppered with beautiful pictures I think you'll enjoy seeing. For example, here's her Marie Antoinette photo shoot; lots of historical fashion cosplay pics; fashion art exhibits; and glimpses of her life in Finland.


Dead is the New Alive

Fin is an 18 year old blogger from.. you guessed it.. Finland. Her posts are in both Finnish and English. You can check out her fashion finds, see where she goes for fun on weekends, and answer her questions about synthetic dreads.


--Copyright 2013 Carrie Carolin

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