May 20, 2013

5 Interesting Goth YouTube Channels and Goth Vloggers

Gothic Worldwide

This resource specializes in introducing new gothic, industrial, EBM and electronic bands to the community. They haven't posted any new videos to the YouTube channel in about a month, but with a couple hundred videos in their playlist, you'll have a lot to explore.

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"The happiest little goth girl." "Embrace your weird." Her popular videos include What Goth is Not, Becoming Goth and Goth Rules, and How to Have a Gothic Sleepover. There are also videos where you can check out her tattoos, learn to do cyber-goth hair, hear her goth confessions, and find out how to make a spooky coffin cake. She seems to post a new video about once every three or four weeks. I look forward to seeing what she uploads next!

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Bats and Tombstones/MissBitten

Her recent vlogs that I found interesting include one on elitism in the goth scene; a discussion about the goth community; and How to Deal With Bullies.

Hell's Quookie

This is Zakkarrii's wonderful collection of videos on what it's like to be black in the goth scene. She has also posted on writing with tarot cards, her take on What is Goth?, and shared her goth thrift store finds.

Dark Resource

This amazing resource offers over 2000 goth videos. Supposedly it's run by someone in Zimbabwe (?) They haven't uploaded anything new in a year, but there's so much here to check out anyways.

There's a goth documentary on the goth scene in York in the 1980s; collections of videos by goth bands; Whitby goth videos; and entire goth concerts.

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