March 7, 2013

13 Goth Shops to Tempt Your Already Shrinking Wallet

1. Bones and Lilies

Karoliina's Etsy shop is based in Finland. She sells colorful yet morbid necklaces and jewelry. There are skeleton cameos, spiders, bats, skulls, and other spooky themes.

2. Cinsational Baubles

This shop sells those now-trendy skeleton/skull cameo rings and necklaces, Day of the Dead items, Alice in Wonderland, steampunk jewelry, gothic mourning jewelry, Victorian and romantic jewelry, plus some lovely jewelry based on mythology. My favorite item here is a Victorian corset cameo necklace.

3. Dawnamatrix Designs

This designer sells latex clothing for men and women. There are steampunk designs, Asian designs (including Men's latex kimonos), catsuits, dresses, corsets and lingerie. There's even a bridal section with latex gowns and veils!

Dawnamatrix Designs on Facebook

4. Do Bats Eat Cats?

This Chicago-based store sells gothic chainmaille jewelry. Designs include gothic flowers, winged skulls, sugar skulls, crosses, and some Hunger Games jewelry. My favorite thing here is this Sandman necklace. Also check out this bat bracelet.

Do Bats Eat Cats? on Etsy

Do Bats Eat Cats? on Facebook

Do Bats Eat Cats? on Twitter

5. Glazed Black Cherry

This eBay store sells steampunk jewelry. The designs include cufflinks, pocket watches, necklaces and pendants, rings, bracelets, and lockets. The shop also sells steampunk card cases, cigarette cases, and flasks. My favorite thing here is this steampunk mechanical owl necklace.

6. GoreStore

This eBay store stocks an incredible selection of horror, exploitation, sci-fi and monster posters. Check out this amazing Dunwich Horror Lovecraft movie poster, and this eerie French version of Eyes Without a Face. I learn so much about vintage horror movies when browsing this shop!

7. Lady Lucie Latex

Fetish clothing from London. They sell dresses, catsuits, tops and bottoms, lingerie, and men's items. There's a separate section for latex corsets. Accessories include latex nipple pasties, mini hats, latex gloves, plus knee-high and ankle socks made of latex.

It wouldn't look good on me personally, but my favorite thing here is this gorgeous striped dress.

It's fun to check out the Facebook page because so many customers share photos of themselves wearing Lady Lucie outfits.

Lady Lucie on Facebook

8. Jessica Louise

Don't let the pastel pink and blue cakes and sweets site theme here scare you away. You'll likely find a few things here you might enjoy adding to your wardrobe. Nothing here is full on goth, but if you like pinup, sailor/pirate, punk, gothabilly/rockabilly, cutesy skulls or rocker style, you might like looking around this LA-based shop. Besides tops, bottoms and dresses, the shop sells hoodies, purses, and some Halloween costume type items.

This pinup sailor dress cracks me up. It's adorable! It also comes in red.

Jessica Louise Clothing on Facebook

9. Mata Hari Jewelry

Gorgeous neo-Victorian and "Modern vintage" jewelry on Etsy. The shop owner lives in Salem, Oregon. Mostly necklaces and earrings. My favorite piece here is this vintage Lucite necklace that's been slightly improved upon.

10. Moon Maiden Jewelry

This shop offers a large selection of goth, steampunk, Celtic and Renaissance styled jewelry. There are crows, octopi, Elvish, Victorian, skeletons and Cthulhu here. I'm so enjoying browsing this shop!

11. Necrosarium

This dark jewelry shop sells necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, plus more unusual items like eye patches and head pieces. They also sell jewelry boxes for you to store your loot in. Check out the really cool Abyss feathered eye patch!

Necrosarium on Facebook

12. Phaze Clothing

This UK-based shop sells an astounding variety of men's and women's clothing styles: Lolita, goth bridal, gothic, steampunk, punk, PVC, Halloween and fantasy items. There's also jewelry and accessories. You'll be browsing through the interesting offerings here a long time, I suspect! Check out their cool kilts and skirts for men.

Phaze Clothing on Facebook

Phaze Clothing on Twitter

13. Romantica Nocturnis

This Etsy shop sells beautiful Victorian-inspired clothing and accessories. There are also a couple of lovely chokers here, and an unusual item I don't run into often: men's velvet spats. I'm really tempted by several things here!

Romantica Nocturnis on Facebook

--Copyright 2013 Carrie Carolin

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