February 10, 2013

New Dark Links for February 10, 2013


Nicholas Alan Cope & Dustin Edward Arnold

I don't feel qualified enough to describe the fantastic photography here to you, so just go see it for yourself. Right now Vedas is getting a lot of press and attention. Also check out Aether and Putesco (which really disturbs me for some reason).


Pure Insomnia

Marianna's stunningly beautiful photography. Her gallery includes Characters, and Hair. I really like the Seven Deadly Sins: Vanity series here. Several photos here are based on fairy tales - I always enjoy that kind of thing!



I had to go double check that I'd not already linked to this fantastic gothic fairy tale photography site yet. I'm surprised, since I've run across the site several times and loved it so much every time. It's the kind of photography that makes you really stop and linger longer than you'd intended, hungering for more after you've run out of images on the site to consume. Besides the photographer's talent and artistic vision, the costuming, hair, makeup, sets and props here are top notch.

Shown above is my favorite, "Moon Princess."



Viona Art Photography on Facebook

Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev

Prepare to set aside a lot of your time today because you're probably going to want to spend a lot of it exploring this Russian photographer's sepia-tinged site. I suspect you'll be the most interested in his Alice series. Also check out "Cards" and "Cherry Orchard."



Cursed Clothes

This shop sells really cool, subtle horror t-shirts. They're not gory or emblazoned with creepy characters; instead, they commemorate horror movie locations such as Poltergeist's Cuesta Verde Estates. I like that you have to look at the shirts, read them and think about it a few seconds before you "get" it. Other shirts feature the Bates Motel, the Overlook Hotel, Amity Island Police, Camp Crystal Lake, and a gross scene from Lost Boys.


Cursed Clothes on Facebook

Cursed Clothes on Twitter


This site is a bit too rocker/roller derby for my personal tastes, but there's still a lot of interesting things offered in this Canadian shop. They sell shoes, leg warmers, totes and purses, men's and women's clothing, jewelry, and some gifts. There are a few zombie themed items here, as well as monsters and skeletons. The shop is owned by a costumer named Heidi who lives in Ottawa.


Decypher on Facebook


This shop is located in Sweden. Some of the brands they sell include Demonia, Hell Bunny, Kreepsville 666, Pleaser and Tripp.


Grothica on Facebook

Midnyte Fantasy

This shop sells Gothic and Victorian clothing, bustiers, and corsets. The modeling/photography here is generally really nicely done, too, so you'll enjoy browsing. I wish there was an "About Me" page here.


Midnyte Fantasy on Facebook

Midnyte Fantasy on Facebook

Nina Friday

The artist Nina Friday sells her cute and morbid gothic and Victorian art prints and jewelry here. Besides the Big Eye gothic girls and lowbrow art, there are some Day of the Dead pieces.

My favorite piece here is "Secrets."



The Dark Forest

This blog explores "the dark and twisting world of fairy tales." Currently posting fairy tale book and movie adaptation news. I'm finding it a good way to keep up with upcoming dark fairy tale films and shows, since I'm busy prioritizing Dark Side of the Net so I don't have a lot of time to look for dark fairy tale stuff myself. There are also occasional book review type posts.


Victoria Eriksson

This is the blog of gothic alternative model Victoria Eriksson, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She is designing a brand of clothing called Pomp-a-Dour. You can view her lovely portfolio, then wander over to the blog to see the things that interest her lately. She posts mainly in Swedish, of course, but there are a lot of photos in her posts that you might enjoy due to their fashion and makeup content.


Victoria Eriksson on Facebook

Victoria Eriksson on Twitter


Gothic Culture

This Facebook page has an incredibly huge number of Facebook fans: well over 120,000. The page has four or five moderators, who are extremely good at finding interesting and beautiful gothic imagery to share. There seem to be five to ten posts per day. This is a really good way to keep your finger on the pulse (or lack thereof, har, har) of what's going on in Goth.

Gothic Culture, on Facebook

Haute Gothique

This is a Facebook group for mature lovers of Victorian Gothic style. They prefer not to discuss cybergoth or industrial, focusing on elegant and dark romantic fashions, style, literature and music. It's an open group. Currently there are a lot of beautiful photos being shared of dark orchids and black roses.

Haute Gothique, on Facebook

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