January 9, 2013

New Goth and Dark Links for January 9, 2013


Graveyard Picnic

Saskia's blog. She's interested in steampunk, vampires, tea drinking, and darkness. She's currently sharing her outfit posts (something I don't have the guts to do!), her favorite books, films, TV shows and music from 2012, her current explorations of feminism, and her helpful Beginner's Guide to Bleach and Hair Dye.



Artifice Clothing

This Toronto, Ontario-based clothing shop sells fetish clothing, some cybergothy clothing with glowing trim, corsets, straitjackets, stockings and leggings, catsuits and jumpers, plus PVC cosplay costumes.

There are also some amazing PVC kimonos here.

Artifice Clothing on Facebook


I've seen a lot of skull-shaped candles in my last 20 years of running Dark Side of the Net. They're all starting to look the same. So I'm delighted to see the intriguing textures on these beeswax skull candles. Skulls within skulls on top of skulls! This beaded skull candle looks amazing, too.

This etsy shop also sells heart candles, black orchid candles, and some incredible Dracula vampire candles I haven't seen elsewhere. Most of the wax used here is black or gold/yellow (natural).



The dark artwork of Mauricio E. Quirante, sold either as art prints on high quality paper, or for more money, limited edition Giclée prints.

My favorite series here is The Flame Between the Horns, everything red and black and jagged. The newest art collection is the black-and-white Kingdom series. Also check out The Wretched.

MEQ on Facebook


Razor Barbie

This online shop sells goth and alternative shoes, corsets and accessories. Currently their selection of everything other than corsets seems small - seven styles of shoes, two pieces of swimwear, eleven styles of stockings and goth leg warmers.

But there are 170 corsets to browse and choose from, including leather corsets, vampire corsets, burlesque corsets, brocade and lace corsets, goth corsets, and the occasional steampunk style.


Razor Barbie on Facebook

The Soapy Shop of Horrors

This UK-based shop makes me giggle. They sell really fun, cool shaped soaps and candles including coffins, skulls, gargoyles, brains, spiders on webs, octopi, and some non-horrific soaps too. I don't think I could bear to touch this spider soap, it looks too creepy!


The Soapy Shop of Horrors on Facebook

Victorian Gothic Clothing UK

Couture bespoke (custom) Victorian wedding dresses and dresses for occasions, from East Hoathly in the UK. There is also a section of lovely ready-to-wear skirts, overskirts and lush capes.


Victorian Gothic Clothing UK on Facebook


Darque Manor

This Tumblr presents many beautiful gothic home decor items and much Victorian decor inspiration. Readers are encouraged to submit photos. So fun to browse!


Gothika on Facebook

OK, so this isn't a Tumblr! It's a Facebook page, but basically since it's a source of daily postings of goth, Victorian, and vampiric pictures, it seems to function more like a Tumblr. Lots of black and white, dreary and macabre images here to admire.

I wish they would post their sources of the many many images they obviously have drawn from elsewhere. Not only is it good net etiquette, it is a helpful research standard practice. It gives so much more to the community if viewers can then go on to find more images by the same artist or photographer to enjoy as well.

Gothika on Facebook

Gothic & Enchanted

Another picture-heavy Facebook page that doesn't usually attribute where the photos came from. Still, it's lovely to see the images they've selected come popping up in my news feed a few times per day.

Gothic & Enchanted on Facebook


Club Dead and Buried London

A deathrock club in London. DJ Cavey Nik spins here, and they feature live acts as well.



California Gothic Project

Here's an admirably ambitious project, offering to help promote and advertise goth events, clubs and businesses in California. Users are encouraged to log in and share flyers, ads and updates.

There's a blog, a club list, an events list, a list of goth and alternative stores, a calendar and a set of forums. The site is very new - it started in December. So if you find yourself annoyed that there isn't much info here, go add some yourself! This could turn into a really useful, cool resource!

However, I am really, really not a fan of websites that automatically start playing music when you visit them.


California Gothic Project on Facebook

Ottawa Goth

This community for goths in Ottawa, Canada features forums, event listings, editorials and articles. There's also a helpful list of scene resources such as bands, artists, photographers, designers, shops, authors, artists and models.


Ottawa Goth on Facebook

Ottawa Goth on Twitter


Horror in the Hammer

A network of horror fans in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They put on a few horror-related events each year, such as Fright Night Theater and the Hamilton Zombie Walk.


Horror in the Hammer, on Facebook

Horror in the Hammer, on Twitter


The King Long Read

This blogger started off with really good intentions - reading all of Stephen King's works chronologically. He hasn't updated since October 2012, but I have enjoyed browsing his past posts and hearing his thoughts on some of my own favorite (and least favorite) of King's works.


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  1. Thank you for the link to my Stephen King blog! :)
    I am still on with it the reading, I've just hit a bit of a slump with Insomnia and the distraction of other books/comics/films.

  2. This is awfully late, but thank you so much for linking to me!