January 30, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for January 30, 2013


Pauline Darley

I'm pretty sure you've all seen this fashion photographer's stunning "She Has Waited Too Long" series on your Tumblr and Facebook feeds. You might also enjoy "Epine" and "Cigue" though they're not ultra-dark or even remotely goth. Beautiful work here.


Pauline Darley on Facebook


Gorgeous pop surreal digital paintings and illustrations by Elodie, who lives in France. Check out her "Alice" series, and I imagine you'll also enjoy the fairy tale inspired "Tales" and her collection of paintings about life and death, "Memento." A very talented and imaginative artist, I'm so glad I have gotten to experience this gallery today.


LostFish on Facebook

LostFish on Twitter


A gallery of surreal art by Sebastian Eriksson. My favorite works by him are from his "Revelation" series. Check out his creepy "Bound" piece while you're here.



Torvenius creates beautifully dark album covers, sculptures and plays around with concept art. The sculptures are really creepy (shown above is "Stitched Stillborn.") I also like some of his sci-fi digital illustrations, such as the dark China Tower.



Gothic Addiction, Dark and All

I'm not really sure where to categorize really active, interesting goth/dark Facebook pages like this. Maintained by an admin, and mostly consisting of users liking but not contributing, this doesn't really constitute a community. But these pages are really popular and useful in showing people lovely gothy things. Gothic Addiction, Dark and All specializes gothic, dreary, horror and skull-themed images.

Gothic Addiction, Dark and All on Facebook

Gothic Divas and Heavenly Voices

This Facebook group is for the celebration of female voices in gothic, darkwave, and ethereal music. I really enjoy the Youtube videos that group members post, reminding me of bands I enjoy that happen to have female vocalists. Currently 149 members. I hope the group is moderated carefully - I already see a bit of off-topic self promotion and links going on.

Gothic Divas and Heavenly Voices, on Facebook

Keep it Real, Keep it Goth

This site seems to specialize in event and gig announcements. There's a website with a forum and events calendar, and a busy Facebook page. I'm glad to see a good, useful and well maintained resource like this!


Keep it Real, Keep it Goth on Facebook


Goth Clothes

This Australian store sells goth, fetish, punk and burlesque clothes and shoes. They also carry high heels for men, which is really cool. They're really active on their Facebook page, too, posting tons of pics of beautiful goth girls.


Goth Clothes on Facebook


Puimond Progressive Corset Design creates fabulous bridal, burlesque, fetish and lingerie corsets. I also see some waist-training corsets here. They do a lot of custom work. The corsets here are incredibly gorgeous. They're based in LA.

I've seen a lot of corsets on webpage shops throughout the years, so when I say these are unusual and distinctive corsets, different from everything else out there, please believe me! I'm not a corset wearer at all, but this is the only place I'd consider investing in one if I were to suddenly get more fashionable and adventurous.


Puimond Corsets on Facebook

Puimond Corsets on Twitter

Sally's Song Dolls

This is yet another creepy doll shop on Etsy. What singles this shop out for me is the incredible amount of work that obviously goes into these dolls. Often people just slap some fake blood on a burned baby doll, throw on a tattered black dress and try to sell it for $60. In this case, you can see the extra attention and handiwork paid to the dolls' hair, face paint, costumes and props.

I'm really intrigued by the Bloodycup doll, which is available as a custom order.

Sally's Song Dolls, on Etsy

Sally's Song Dolls, on Facebook


Skullis creates and sells crystal and gemstone skulls for home decor and jewelry. I really like browsing around here - you can get quite distracted for a long time as there are so many items here. Check out the disturbingly huge Titan skulls - weird!

Some of the colors here are a bit too pastely and some of the crystal items are New Agey, so I just pass on by those to see more interesting things, like this raven and skull sculpture.


Skullis on eBay

Skullis on Facebook

Three Rexes

Tara Greer designs this beautiful gothic, medieval and Celtic jewelry in California. Styles here include Renaissance, Egyptian, Moorish, Nouveau and more. There are men's rings here, plus women's rings, necklaces, earrings, and crown-shaped rings for weddings. As you might expect, there are more than a few crosses, skulls and octopi featured on jewelry here. I think you'll enjoy looking through the collections!


3 Rexes on Etsy

3 Rexes on Facebook


The Blood Sprayer

"All the filth that's fit to publish." Here's an extremely useful horror movie news site. There are multiple contributors, so the news is fresh and posted often. I like that this site isn't just a bunch of brief horror film reviews, there's much more to it than that. The Twitter feed has a post every other day or so, too.


BloodSprayer on Twitter

Chilling Scenes of Dreadful Villainy

I've had so much fun browsing the vintage horror and B-movie stills archived here. Someone has worked really hard to find or screencap all of these. Great bait/fodder for Pinterest and Tumblr sites.


A Fascination with Fear

I love that this horror blog creates and sticks to monthly themes. Currently it's "A Frigid Fortnight - Spotlighting Winter Horror." The bloggers (Christine and Marie) are currently indulging in recasting "The Shining", recommending winter horror films, and discussing really bloody winter horror films. I really enjoy the writing and topics here - I haven't been this excited about a horror genre blog in a long time!

Check back on Mondays for Mindless Movie Monday and on Fridays for Friday Flashback. Fun stuff here! Next they'll be working on "Women in Horror Month" posts for February 2013.


Horror Movie a Day

Exactly that. Every day a different horror or old B-movie is reviewed in depth. While I'd like to see more pics from the movies (posters, or a screencap here or there) perhaps it's ok since the writing is so good here.


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