October 22, 2012

New Halloween Links for October 22, 2012

Dark, Spooky Decor All Year Long

Lots of pictures of gorgeous gothic home decor, spooky houses and dark elegant furniture. This would make a great Tumblr or Pinterest site.

Dark Spooky Decor on Facebook

Rotting Flesh Radio

A Halloween, haunted house and horror podcast. The most recent podcast has some Transworld convention coverage, info on haunted places in Europe, and a visit with the creators of the "Torment at Twelve Hundred" haunted attraction.


Rotting Flesh Radio Podcast on Twitter

I Eat, Sleep and Breathe Halloween

A fan page about Halloween. Lots of fun posts and interesting pics are posted here daily this season.

I Eat, Sleep and Breathe Halloween, on Facebook

Art by Lupe Flores

This Etsy shop sells Lupe Flores' fabulous Day of the Dead prints, T-shirts, art buttons, jewelry and paintings. There are also folk and gothic prints here. My favorite is "Beautiful Decay".


The Halloween Ladybug

A personal blog by a girl (Jessica) who is into Halloween, goth, and horror movies.


Haunted House Craft


A cute paper haunted house made by Michelle James.

A Haunting Post (Got Moxxie)

Creepy Candle Jars

A tutorial on making these cool decorative jars for candles.

Creepy Candle Jars (Homespun With Love)

Haunted Hows

How-to videos for making Halloween props and decor. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any videos uploaded since July. But there are some good ones here: how to make a spitter ground lurker; masks; a Halloween gingerbread house; a Pinhead animated prop; Donna the Dead, and more.



Another fun seasonal holiday page to keep an eye on. This one's doing a Halloween countdown every day, too.

Halloweenaholic, on Facebook

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