October 30, 2012

New Goth, Dark and Halloween Links for October 30, 2012


Frankenstein Superstar

John Hazard's PG-13 web comic about Frankenstein and his Jewish bride (Elsa Goldberg), who dwell in New York City. Their adopted 7 year old daughter is named Virginia Lovecraft-Poe (heh). The comic updates monthly. I think you'll enjoy checking it out!


Frankenstein Superstar on Facebook

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Bloody Rare Books and Posters

This eBay store specializes in first editions of sci-fi, horror and mystery books; plus original vintage movie posters and screenplays. There's an entire Arkham House category, with lovely Clark Ashton Smith and August Derleth titles calling out to me to own them. The horror section has a lot of expensive first edition Stephen King and Clive Barker books. The movie posters are mostly post-1970 titles. (Check out the incredible art on this Polish "Rosemary's Baby" poster).


Designs by Dayzi

"Unique items with a spooky twist." This Etsy seller offers Nightmare Before Christmas and Zombie Brain embroidered patches; gorgeous delicate white lace embroidered skull ornaments; and zombie brain cameo necklaces. You never know what you'll see here next - that's the fun of it!


Wicked Elements

I wasn't sure about adding this furniture store. The furniture here isn't what we'd refer to as "gothic." It's just that everything here is so cool and unusual. There are flame chairs; lots of black, hot pink, purple or red upholestery; unusual shapes to the sofas; and cool names for the furniture pieces, such as this red Lucifer chair. I don't really like any of the bedding though, it looks tacky. Anyway, I thought some of the stuff here might make you smile for a second (such as this whimsical Cleopatra Lounge), so here it is.


Wicked Elements on Facebook

Zombie Trading Company

This shop sells zombie T-shirts and other clothing (hats, sweatpants); zombie baking and entertaining supplies (molds and edible gummy brains); zombie toys; zombie books and games. My favorite thing here is the zombie foot dog toy. I think I'll pick one up for Edgar and Victor.



The Macabre and Beautifully Grotesque

The curator(s) of this Facebook page are extremely talented at finding beautiful, mournful, dark, grim imagery. Join 350,000 other people on Facebook to await their fascinating daily findings and art images. (I love that whenever possible, unlike on most of Tumblr, these curators attempt to list the original creator/artist of the images they post).


New Goth City

New York area Halloween and goth events. Concerts and club events, art showings, theatrical openings, and other goth nightlife info. The curator is Sir William Welles. If I lived in NYC I would totally want to go to the every-last-Friday steampunk/Victorian absinthe social gathering event Chronologie. That sounds like a lot of fun!


New Goth City on Facebook


Halloween Attractions

This site is a directory for American pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted events, and Halloween attractions. This is really well organized, seems up to date, offers lots of info on the attractions, and lets visitors rate the pumpkin patches and haunted attractions. It's refreshingly heavy on the pumpkin patches, farms and events and not crammed full of Halloween haunt advertisements.


Junk Pumpkin

Oh what a wickedly delightful blog this is! "Sharing the fun of Halloweentown all year round." Currently featuring Pride, Prejudice and Zombies illustrations; a brief history of The Monster Mash; sharing a drippy red nails Halloween manicure tutorial; passing along some Halloween decorating ideas; and discussing essential Halloween films. Lots of fun things to see and ideas to ponder over here.



The Black Box Club

This is mostly a photo blog of obscure and intriguing images from old horror films, mostly Hammer films. Currently celebrating Halloween with Peter Cushing; sharing a gallery of images from Rasputin starring Christopher Lee; posting a 1970s horror magazine cover featuring Peter Cushing; and excited about the Hammer film The Mummy's Shroud coming out on Blu-Ray soon. I'm really enjoying looking at the photographs and scans here.


--Copyright 2012 Carrie Carolin

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