October 1, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe Month

It's Edgar Allan Poe Month here at Dark Side of the Net. I'll still be sharing goth, horror and Halloween dark links this month, but there will be quite a bit of Edgar Allan Poe themed content as well. Starting today!

Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

A wealth of information and scholarly articles on Edgar Allan Poe, including info on his time in Baltimore. There's information on the Poe Society, and information on upcoming events. The next event is a tribute to the poet at his grave on October 7, followed by the annual commemorative lecture. The Poe Bookshelf here offers many texts, articles and documents you can read immediately.


Edgar Allan Poe Museum

This Richmond, Virginia museum offers background info on Poe's life, selected works, info on visiting the museum, and a virtual tour. I especially enjoy the peek at some of their collections they offer.


The Poe Museum, on Facebook

International Edgar Allan Poe Society

This Ning network hosts a forum and a collection of member-written blogs and articles on Poe.


Knowing Poe

An educational site from Maryland Public Television. There's info on Poe's background in Baltimore, info on Poe's writing, plus some of his stories and writings. There's also a Poe in the News section, but it's quite outdated.


The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe

This is a biographical film made by Wally Coburg, who passed away before he realized his dream of seeing it broadcast on PBS. Dr. Harry Lee Poe served as the film's on-camera host. While you can't yet watch the film online, the site gives some interesting background information on Poe and his legacy.


The Mystery of Poe, on Facebook

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's the site of one of the five locations Poe lived in during his six years in Philadelphia. The exhibit includes a bedroom, reading room, basement, exhibits, and of course a gift shop. Most of this website is oriented around planning a tour to the site; there isn't much background info on Poe here, disappointingly.


For the best summary of Poe's life, ignore Wikipedia and go straight to Neurotic Poets.

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