July 18, 2012

New Goth Links for July 18, 2012


Danni Zamudio

This dark illustrator hails from Portland, Oregon. Here you can visit her illustration portfolio, peek at her sketches, read her blog to see what she's up to lately, and find out where her work is being exhibited.

She also offers some of her work in her shop.


Danni Zamudio on Facebook

Danni Zamudio on Tumblr


Bats in the Belfry, Cats in the Attic

Katie lives in Atlanta. She's a writer and paranormal investigator. Lately she's blogging about her new cool Bela Lugosi purse; participating in the Goth Challenge; showing off her cute new haircut; and sharing some amazing used bookstore CD finds.


A Dark Mind in Dark Times

"Musings and worries of an alternative Muslima." This is probably the most unique and fascinating goth blog I've ever run into. A nineteen year old self-labeled "babybat" lives at home with her Muslim parents and dreams "in shades of black." She shares her current worries, concerns and problems very openly on this blog. I can't help but care about what happens to her as she navigates that anxious passage between dependent teen and college age grown woman. Check out her "who I am" tag to learn more about her.


Sweet Nightmare Kitchen

I adore this blog so much! Mai Aimheart shares her spooky kitchen creations. Check out her Fly Batty Fly Cherry Pie, her Dracula Brownie, and Eyeball Cookies. Each post includes instructions and/or the recipe, plus a photo of the finished item and a cute comic drawing of each baked good. This blog is so fun!



The Lovecraft

A horror-themed bar in Portland, Oregon. I'm really surprised how full and busy their events calendar is. Cool!



Beryl Beloved

Post-punk with an awesome low-voiced vocalist reminiscent of P.F. Murphy.


Beryl Beloved on Facebook

Beryl Beloved, on Twitter

Dead Red Velvet

Check out their Bela Lugosi's Dead cover performed live in January 2012.


Oneiroid Psychosis

"Progressive darkwave" band using lots of dark synths. They're from Wisconsin.


Oneiroid Psychosis on Facebook

This Charming Band

A popular Smiths cover band from San Francisco. I have had soo many goth friends tell me how much fun their shows are to attend.


This Charming Band on Facebook

This Charming Band on Twitter



This Australian store sells alternative clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares and gifts. The selection here is astonishingly huge.


Beserk Clothing on Facebook

Creepy Dolls.com

Bastet2329's dark dollies. Lovingly handcrafted, each spooky doll here is different.


Evil Enablers

Shocking - a LiveJournal community that's still very active! Evil Enableres is "a community to talk about various shops that specialize in "feel good" products such as perfume, bath products, makeup, toiletries, a little tea, a little chocolate." Obviously some BPAL fans are here, though BPAL has its own extremely active community too.


Madame M Presents

The author of Creepy Little Bedtime Stories shares her adorable illustrations here, offers cute curiosities in her shop, and links you to her Zazzle store.

Her M-Porium sells necklaces, her books, comic greeting cards, and her comic books. There's also a neat Zombie Youth Brigade patch.


Mystic Pieces

This Etsy shop sells steampunk "time traveling jewelry." Some of the pieces also have a Neo Victorian influence. I really enjoy how unusual and original the jewelry here is - I've looked at a lot of online steampunk jewelry shops in the last couple years, and this is refreshing to see. There are necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets like you'd expect, but also brooches, barrettes and compacts.



Kweeny Todd

A feisty Australian Sweeney Todd/horror fan blogs about horror movies, zombie walks, Halloween countdowns, grisly horror deaths, and other genre topics.


Midnite Media

"Home of the horror hipster." Currently reviewing Hostel 3; offering a really informative Horror Explorer chronology of the genre; reviewing the Zombies Vs. Strippers film that's all over my local Red Boxes; and sharing hundreds more of his horror film reviews. A lot of work goes into this blog!


--Copyright 2012 Carrie Carolin

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