July 27, 2012

10 More Interesting Goth Blogs

1. Bones and Lilies

Finnish blogger Karoliina blogs about makeup and beauty topics. Recent posts include a lipstain review, what she wore to check out the Dark Sunshine Summer Club, and several cool Outfit of the Day posts. I also enjoy reading about her life in Finland in posts such as Living Room Picnic and Crafty Sunday. The blogger is really pretty and knows how to dress, do her hair and makeup fabulously, so I think you'll enjoy checking this blog out. Plus it's fun to hear about beauty and clothing products in Finland that we don't see in the US.


2. 2nd Street Cemetery

Whoops, I'm not sure why I included this Halloween enthusiast in a list of goth blogs. I don't think Countess Vonrauber is a goth (that I know of). Anyway, check out her cool weekend crafting projects; the beautiful wings she's creating; a list of her current Halloween projects; and a link to a really cool electric skull violin I'd not seen before.


3. Mary's Insatiable Fable

This girl blogs about her fashion and shopping adventures, shares a fingerless gloves tutorial, sliced T-shirt tutorial, and taking a goth hike. There's also a couple posts about a bad experience she had at a Michael's because of being dressed goth.


4. The Purple Broom

This blog is written by a pagan goth artist. Lately she's sharing pics of her Witch's Cottage: My Bedroom the Bat Cave; imagining a cool Cthulhu bathroom; and sharing what it was like for her to live alone for the first time.


5. The Walrus Room

Sary's blog about goth, Lolita, and industrial. She lives in Australia. Her recent posts include a peek at her outfit; a peek at her holiday artwork; a post on 13 post-punk bands; and a showcase of a cool male goth's Youtube videos. (Unfortunately Sary decided to disable right clicks on her blog, which I think is silly because it only took me 5 seconds to find a different way to copy her logo in order to present her blog here, but it made it such a pain to link to her individual posts, I gave up). Anyway, I think you'll enjoy checking in here now and then to see what she's up to.


6. Aristocratic Elegance

"Collector of eccentric clothing, drinker of tea." This blogger writes about the sister to Gothic Lolita fashion, called Aristocrat. Besides peeks at the beautiful outfits she puts together and wears, you can read about her Japan trip this summer; a piece of art she finished lately; and some large hats she's been wearing.


7. The Gloom Generation

Hmm I prefer to think of this blog by the name from its url; but apparently the title is actually "Lavender Scented Fetuses and Two-Headed Rats." This is a deathrock music blog, with recent forays into style changes and shamanism; important people to know in deathrock; and discussing the basics of deathrock.


8. Legally Goth

"Musings from the mind of a corporate goth." Blogging from New York, she shares what she wears to the office, the occasional recipe, and shares her worries about letting possessions go to embrace the present. (I can totally relate to that, as I'm struggling with it too recently). While the posts here aren't photo heavy, you really get a sense of who this person is and the things she's putting her energy into lately. I see a lot of growth here as I read backwards on the blog. It's so hard to open up and share your life with strangers, but here she is doing it boldly, bravely and honestly. I admire that.


9. Cemetery Dreams

"Dark Arts, Crafts, Clothing and D├ęcor." This blog is written by a woman named Phoenix who is a post-grad archaeology student. Besides the usual interesting outfit posts, she writes about her uncanny childhood photo similar to Coraline; pics of her cute kittens; Goth in the Office type posts; and info on how to survive a garden party.


10. Bloody Fashionista

A Gothic Lolita fashion blog by Crimson. Check out the Moitie stained glass dress she ordered recently; the Misako Aoki tea party she attended recently; and tons of posts with her looking adorable in her Lolita dresses.


--Copyright 2012 Carrie Carolin

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the shout out :)

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  2. Thank you so much for including me in your list. I'm a little overwhelmed right now! I'm not from Phoenix though, that's just the name I go by online =]

  3. Thanks for the link!

    I completely agree about the right click disabling too and eventually disabled it too. It was actually for bots specifically copying my posts. But oh, well. :3

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