June 22, 2012

5 Intriguing Covers of Goth/Industrial Songs

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Calexico


A couple summers ago, on long drives back and forth to a remote lake house, I was obsessed with Calexico's song Two Silver Trees. I tried some of their other songs but I'm not really into their style of music (Country/Tex Americana etc). However, I so enjoy their speedier, cheerier cover of Joy Division's LWTUA. It's refreshing since in most of the LWTUA covers I listen to, the singer is trying awfully hard to sound like Curtis. Here, the Calexico vocalist Joey Burns just sounds like himself.

Destroid's "Lucretia, My Reflection" Cover


A dancy, upbeat cover by a German electro band. Cool vocals, but too reminiscent of Andrew Eldritch's voice for me - I prefer my cover songs to sound different. Still, this singer has an awesome voice. You can hear them cover this song live at the Darkwave festival in 2010.


Destroid on Facebook

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Warrel Dane - "Lucretia My Reflection"


I don't like metal at all, but it's interesting to hear a metal musician's take on the song. Definitely the angry throat-scorching vocals I was expecting. I actually much prefer his "Crystal Ship" Doors cover.

Warrel Dane on MySpace

Warrel Dane at Wikipedia

"Bela Lugosi is Dead" - by David J and Valentino Frankenstein


Valentino Frankenstein is a talented musician from my hometown of San Diego. Back in April he had a dream come true - he performed "Bela Lugosi is Dead" on stage with David J! I'm intrigued by David J's intonations and the way he chooses to sing the lyrics - quite different, and definitely leaves his own mark on the song.

School of Seven Bells - "Kiss Them For Me"


Love this electro/ethereal band's take on the song. Gorgeous vocals. Makes me want to dance (though so does Siouxsie's original!)

School of Seven Bells (Official)

School of Seven Bells on MySpace

School of Seven Bells, on Wikipedia

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