February 16, 2012

5 Quite Useful Writing Blogs for Dark Authors

1. Dark Markets

Here's an important resource for goth, horror and dark writers. This is a great place to find updated info on submitting your work for publication to editors looking for horror, dark, steampunk or speculative fiction.

The markets covered here include print publications and anthologies; print magazines as well as webzines; and e-book publishers. There are posts every few days or so, as this blog has multiple editors.

Also, DarkMarkets publishes author and editor interviews; hosts a book club; and offers forums.


Dark Markets, on Facebook

2. Bloody Feather

Here's an active community of writers of adult dark fiction - 20,000 members strong and growing still. Part of the Dark Network, the site shows 344 active members browsing right now as I'm writing this. You can read blogs by other dark authors and join the forums to see what else is going on.


3. Horror Writing

I hesitated about including this blog because it hasn't been updated in over 2 months. But the quality of the posts here is so helpful and inspiring, I thought at least someone might find the back archive useful. Check out past posts on the importance of pacing; "What's Wrong With My Story?"; and Creating Fear in Fiction.

Horror Writing at Wordpress.com

4. Hellnotes

This blog covers "fiction, movies and art dedicated to the horror genre." That means it's not writer-specific, but you can still glean helpful writing info and inspiration from the posts here. There's a ton of industry info, such as which publishing house just signed which author or agent; horror market opportunities; upcoming book titles; and other publishing industry news. This is refreshingly not a fan or affiliate site or book review site.


Hellnotes, on Facebook

5. Horror Tree

Another very useful resource for finding horror market opportunities. For example, one market is calling for "Techno-Goth Cthulhu". (I'm giggling a bit at how many of these markets are currently pleading, "No zombie stories!")


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