October 26, 2011

New Goth Links for October 28, 2011


King Unicorn

"Artist and storyteller who fashions monsters, traffics in strange magic, and wanders the spaces between airy dreamscapes and goblin-infested slums." This artist creates fantabulous dark sculptures, referring to his site as a "Black Market Creatureworks."

You'll enjoy contemplating his portfolio, exploring his creations: Memmio the Free-Changer; Bartley Barnacle; the eerie Plague Doctor; Amon Gallus: The Oracle of Saturn; as well as assorted works and designs.

Link: http://www.kingunicorn.com/

Link: King Unicorn on Twitter


Bram Stoker Dracula Halloween Horror Festival

Friday October 28 through Halloween 2011 in Clontarf, near Dublin, Ireland. I'm just excited to hear about what actually happens in the "World Championship 5k Vampire Cloak Race." Lol!

Link: http://www.bramstokerdraculahalloweenhorrorfestival.com/

Dracula: The Nouveau Spectacle

This musical spectacle will occur in Paris in January 2012. Then it will go on tour, performing in Belgium, other cities in France, and Switzerland. The site is in French, but you may still enjoy browsing the lavish photos and viewing the sample videos.

Link: http://www.draculalespectacle.com/


Hansel & Gretel

Do you like Hansel & Gretel stories? Visit this site to enjoy several themed stories by different authors.

Hansel & Gretel, at Enchanted Conversation Blog


Etsy's Dark Side Street Team

Etsy's Dark Side Street Team has moved. They're now at http://www.etsydarkteam.com/.

Pat Pruitt's Machined Bracelets

What do you think of these machined bracelets? I'm not much of a jewelry wearer, but I thought these were nicely industrial. You might be intrigued by his other bracelets too.

Link: Pat Pruitt.com/Machined Bracelets


The Bewitched

This band's genres and influences include sepiachord, steampunk, and cabaret noir. They're giving away their 6-track album as a free download - how irresistible! I'm delighted to stumble across something so wonderfully unusual to listen to.

Link: http://thebewitched.bandcamp.com/

Link: The Bewitched, on Facebook


The Dark Realm Forums

Were I to wear a hat, I would tip it to the admin of this excellent resource. It's a set of very active forums with interesting, intellectual threads; knowledgeable and friendly participants; and not much drama. If you're looking for a new community to call home, this might be a great dark bet. Categories include goth lifestyle; relationships; fashion, beauty & makeup; DIY projects (very active); tattoos (not very active); movies and media; gaming; and of course music. Creep around a little bit and see if you don't get sucked into spending more time exploring than you'd imagined.

Link: http://www.darkrealm13.com/forum

Gothic Forum

This website is in Polish. If you're a Polish goth, this is an incredibly active, useful resource for you. I used to have a "Dark Pages in Other Languages" links list on Dark Side of the Net, "back in the day," but gave up in order to prioritize English speaking sites. This useful resource makes me slap myself for not doing a better job of organizing links to extremely awesome resources for dark people in other countries.



Games for Halloween

This is an amazingly adorable, quaint and useful ebook. Written by Mary Blain in 1912, this features old time Halloween traditions, vintage celebrations, Halloween jokes, riddles, and old-style divinations. Best of all, it's free to read online right now.



Ghost Theory

A really important paranormal resource. This one speaks with the voice of "A skeptical approach to the unexplained." They cover ghosts and hauntings and other paranormal topics, but a refreshing dearth of UFO crap. Their "Weird News" section is updated amazingly often, well curated and quite interesting.

Their forums are useful but could be a bit more active. They also feature book reviews and some user-submitted stories (higher quality than most of the ilk).



13 Visions

A dark artist, designer and fiction writer shares their visions via this blog. Currently posting about satellite spiders, skulls they see in the wild, and some cool vintage hand painted horror movie posters.

Link: http://www.13visions.com/

Zombies Are Magic

Jen's fun, entertaining zombie, Halloween and horror blog. She has strong opinions and isn't afraid to state them - I like that!

Link: http://zombiesaremagic.blogspot.com/

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