September 19, 2011

New Goth Links for September 19, 2011


Ana Bagayan

Here's a dark artist with a subtle touch. You might not think her little girl paintings are all that eerie or morbid. But as you spend more time browsing the galleries and drawings, you're left more and more unsettled. Just the way you like it, I imagine!

Dark Gift

Julia Alekseeva's beautiful dark CG fantasy art. The site is in Russian, but you can easily navigate around to look at her artwork.

Lori Nix: The City

I'm pretty sure you've seen this already, as this link went viral on Facebook a few weeks back and the artwork was posted a few years ago. Just in case you haven't - don't miss this series of photographs depicting an abandoned world. They're photographs of excruciatingly tiny dioramas she painstakingly created.

My Pet Skeleton

Just an update, as I've linked to this fabulous artist before. Stop by his Facebook page to see more artwork and get updates on his work.


The Haunted Drive-In

This is a horror blog that also has its own YouTube channel (though the channel hasn't been updated since April). Recent posts have included some well-needed bitching about changes to the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion, an article on Bette Midler's witch character, and a gross forgotten kids' song.

Horror Blogger Alliance

If you write a horror blog, you might want to "join" the Horror Blogger Alliance. You grab one of their banners, put it on your blog, and they'll help you promote your horror blog to a wider audience. There's also a Facebook page.

Literary Mayhem

This blog, run by Peter D. Schwotzer, offers original horror fiction by various authors, magazine reviews, interviews, horror book reviews, and blog posts by guests.



A webcomic about an angry person named Orneryboy, who lives in a spooky house in the suburbs with his girlfriend Dirtygirl and their cats and pet zombie. The current comic is #487 - whoah! I really like that some of the images here have animated gifs as part of them - and it surprisingly works well and is not annoying. I'm impressed.


Bram Stoker's Dracula Screencaps

Keanu and Winona's acting might have been utterly horrid, but this was still a beautiful movie, with fabulous costuming and lovely dark choreography. Revisit your favorite scenes here at this massive screenshots archive.

Sweeney Todd Screencaps

This archive offers 20 pages of fairly large screencaps from the movie. A great way to figure out how to accomplish any Sweeney Todd Halloween costumes. (I'm tempted to be Mrs. Lovett this year).


Candy Spooky Theater

A visual kei goth band from - where else - Japan. Their website offers news, their tour schedule, discography, and some Tshirts for sale.

Candy Spooky Theater on MySpace

Candy Spooky Theater, on Wikipedia

Jack Spooky Official Facebook Page


Have you ever read The Little Ghost by Edna St. Vincent Millay?

I knew her for a little ghost That in my garden walked; The wall is high—higher than most— And the green gate was locked..."


Til the Following Night

Currently exploring a local Spirit Halloween store; sharing a Halloween playlist you can listen to; and showing what's in Target's Halloween section.

Vintage Halloween Collector

Posts on interesting vintage finds on eBay and Etsy; plus Joann's Halloween items; a look at past Fall and Halloween Martha Stewart covers; and a look at Kohl's Halloween offerings.


Thousands of Vampire Names

Find a vampiric name for your dog, cat, child, cosplay persona or LARP character. Everything from Abel to Zorak - plus it tells you where the name came from.

Creepy, Spooky Vampire Names


  1. Well it's definitely nearing All Hallows eve!..Great post as usual Thanks..I'd love to see a Dark Theater or Dance post, Live performances and that sort of thing. From Butoh to Bellydance!