October 27, 2010

2 Best Haunted House and Attraction Online Directories

I no longer offer my list of hundreds of haunted house links online. Those links were the most often stolen part of my database - probably because the Halloween niche is valuable to advertisers and those links are difficult to maintain. If you're actually trying to run a useful directory, you want to be extremely sure the haunt is still up, running, active and interesting before you send people to the haunts. That takes a lot of time. Easier to steal the info than to spend hundreds of hours actually doing the research and upkeep work that I did on Dark Side of the Net for years.

Instead of posting my own links this year, I want to point you towards the two best, most updated, well maintained lists of Halloween haunts, attractions, hayrides, cornfields, and activities on the Web. Their maintainers are extremely dedicated, do their own research and don't steal other people's links, and their sites are easy to navigate and VERY up to date.

They are so up-to-date that I get discouraged whenever I find a new (to me) link to a haunted house, only to do a quick Google check and realize these sites already know about them!

1. Haunted House Online

Affiliated with HauntWorld Magazine, this site lists attractions by state, plus Canada and international haunts. They also list corn mazes, pumpkin patches, Halloween hayrides, and attractions. The site also offers videos, photos, links, haunt forums, and free pumpkin patterns. Lots of great stuff here, I am very impressed!


2. Haunted House.com

I'm not a big fan of sites that claim to be "The #1 Halloween Website." I don't like the bragging, and there are tons of fantastic Halloween sites out there. However, they do have an excellent directory of haunted houses and Halloween attractions. (Their Halloween-related links directory leaves something to be desired - most categories have at most 5 links.)

Their blog hasn't been updated since January 2010, so that makes me a bit nervous about how updated their links are. But in clicking around their site, I haven't found a dead link yet.

Stick with the well-researched haunted attraction links, and enjoy the clean site design and cool graphics. You're sure to find a haunt in your area you might want to check out over the weekend!


Happy Halloween!



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  1. I've heard about the hauntworld.com site for haunted houses, and it looks pretty good. These suggestions were great Carrie. I was just thinking that I needed a change of pace this year for Halloween.