September 28, 2010

Interesting Dark People to Follow on Twitter

There are well-known people that you and I and all the readers of Darklinks are already following: Neil Gaiman and Anne Rice, for example. I hardly need to tell you about those folks.

But the following is my list of interesting goth, dark or horror-ific people you might not have heard of, who tweet unusual things, not just what they had for lunch or what movie they're watching right now. They tweet often, and I tried to avoid news sites or people just retweeting other people's sayings.


I don't personally know any of the people here, I just find them interesting. I find many other people interesting, too, but I only have time to mention 13 in this post today! The people featured here didn't ask to be mentioned, and I didn't give them a heads up that I was going to talk about them. Just wanted to make sure I'm not opening myself up for a can of wormy "Hey! You forgot to mention ME!!" or "please mention my Twitter feed next time!" or "how much did those people pay you?" type emails!

1. Jovanka Vukovic

This is a filmmaker. She's currently working on filming The Captured Bird, which is being produced by Guillermo del Toro. You'll find out what she's currently reading, articles she's been interviewed in lately, and videos she's posted of herself interviewing horror greats like George Romero. If you like horror films, you won't be bored by this Twitter stream.

Jovanka Vuckovic

2. Chad Savage

You've probably seen and enjoyed many of Chad's graphics, advertising banners, logos, and websites. A huge chunk of the professional haunt industry uses his services to design cool ads and logos. Meanwhile, Chad posts about cool Halloween, horror and goth related things he finds, shares what it's like to work with difficult clients (no names!), and shares what he's reading, watching and listening to. On my daily quick scan of my Twitter streams, I definitely make a point to stop and see what Chad's posting about.

Chad Savage

3. GhoulFriday

This girl "finds bliss in all things delightfully dark." She runs a really cool website for Halloween artists, and Tweets about fascinating things she finds in her explorations.


4. HouseMorbid

You can tell this person has an awesome personality. They tweet about horror, steampunk, art and writing.


5. Jhonen Vasquez

The creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. His tweets sometimes make me laugh. He tweets about things he's reading and watching, but also gives updates on new things he's working on.

Jhonen Vasquez

6. Kambriel

You can follow the progress of talented goth clothing designer Kambriel. I like peering into someone's life as they work on their business but also retweet interesting links they've come across.

Kambriel Design

7. KerryKate

The owner of October Effigies, creator of fabulous goth and horror art dolls, and contributor to the Obscure Hollow blog. Find out what she's working on, reading, and listening to. I like that she points out neat stuff she finds on Etsy that isn't necessarily hers or her friends - just cool stuff she thinks her followers would like to see.


8. Raven1967

Heidi is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance writer. I like reading Twitter feeds about books, writing, writers and music.

Raven 1967

9. Robyn Warne Designs

An artist who creates cute hand painted ornaments, but whose tastes in books and movies and whatnot run dark. I find out about a lot of interesting other Twitter people and links through her person's stream, as she's constantly involved in discussions with people. Snoop through and see if you enjoy reading this as much as I do. She points out interesting things on Etsy, but not in a spammy way.

Robyn Warne Designs

10. Kim Richards

Kim Richards is owner of Damnation Books, as well as a horror and sci-fi author. She doesn't post often - I'd like to hear more from her when she gets back from haunted writer's retreats and passes along interesting author interviews.

Kim Richards

11. The Shadow Farm

I'm fascinated to watch the progress of Dave's haunted yard and I love seeing the new creepy things he's creating.

The Shadow Farm

12. Boo Spooky

A Halloween crafter's feed, with back-and-forth conversations with other crafters that you can eavesdrop on.

Boo Spooky

13. Staci Wilson

A journalist who writes for and Syfy. She posts about horror and dark TV and films, and occasionally shares what she's doing on her many travels.

Staci Wilson

-Carrie Carolin

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