August 26, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Most Mournful Music Sites A-L

15 years ago, (Here's my chance to go "Back in my day, sonny!") there weren't very many web resources about goth music, so the "Dark and Gothic Music Links" was a really important part of my links page for the first few years. I tried to prioritize my time to add things to that page more often so people could find out about cool goth bands.

Finally after MySpace debuted and search engines got better, it was easier for goths to find new bands to listen to and keep up with their favorite goth musicians. So I eased up on acquiring mad amounts of new Goth Music links, and just mostly linked either to bands I personally liked or to bands that requested being added.

If I were to continue maintaining the links database now in 2010, I'd be extremely busy adding every goth band's Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social networking links.. whew, that sounds exhausting!

Following is a list of some of my favorite bands to listen to. Not at all meant to be a "only these goth bands are good" or "essential listening" list. There's no Christian Death (an extremely popular goth band) linked here, because I honestly just don't listen to their music. Just a peek into what I enjoy listening to while working on Dark Side of the Net.

1. Abney Park

They're from my own hometown of Seattle. Back when I started listening to them they were goth/industrial (or at least their fans were, I'm not sure how they described their music back then). They've now become a massively important and influential steampunk band. I didn't know steampunk was going to evolve to include music, but now I'm glad it did! Also, Abney Park shows are really, really fun to attend. Go see them if you ever have the chance!

Abney Park on Facebook

Abney Park on MySpace

Abney Park at Wikipedia

2. Daniel Ash

Now a solo artist, after years with Bauhaus and Love and Rockets.

Daniel Ash on Facebook

3. Attrition

I remember being obsessed with listening to "A Girl Called Harmony" on my drive to Eugene for the 1996 World Horror Convention. I made everybody in my car listen to it repeatedly.

During Convergence 7 in Seattle I happened to have the hotel room next door to Attrition. I didn't get to hang out with them, but kept bumping into them in the elevator and halls, and was struck how friendly and unpretentious they were. They always seemed to be having a good time, just like they do on stage. I've enjoyed their few shows I've been able to make it to, and I'm hoping to see them again on their next US tour.

Attrition on Facebook

Attrition at MySpace

Attrition on Twitter

4. Bel Canto

I love this Norwegian goth band! I'm delighted to hear news of a new album soon, their first since 1987. See if you enjoy their Spiderdust song on Youtube.

Anneli Drecker, Lead Singer

Bel Canto on MySpace

Bel Canto, at Wikipedia

5. Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Sam Rosenthal's hugely popular darkwave band. This year is their 24th - wow, how the time flies. My favorite vocalist was Lisa Feuer, but I've enjoyed everything this band has done.

Black Tape for a Blue Girl Page on Facebook

Black Tape for a Blue Girl Group on Facebook

Black Tape for a Blue Girl on Myspace

Black Tape for a Blue Girl, at Wikipedia

6. Clan of Xymox

I've had the pleasure of seeing them live three or four times (once while they were known as just Xymox) and I really need to dig out my older CDs of their music and put them near my desk, or better yet, onto my desktop hard drive where I can get at them more easily. Love their music.

Clan of Xymox on Facebook

Clan of Xymox on MySpace

Clan of Xymox on Wikipedia

7. The Cure

If you're a regular visitor to Dark Side of the Net, then you already know how much I love The Cure. In fact, today I walked into a Tully's and was delighted to hear "Friday I'm in Love" playing. Someday I will be old and hear Cure Muzak in an elevator and get a bit depressed, but that's ok.

Sadly, I've only seen them play live twice. I really must make the effort to go next time they play in the US.

For a while there Robert Smith linked to on his official page, where he listed his 10 favorite websites. I was delighted, but also found it hilarious how many dozens of people emailed me excitedly to let me know he'd done that. Alas, the link is now gone.. ah well!

The Cure on Facebook

The Cure on MySpace

Robert Smith on Twitter

The Cure on Wikipedia

The Cure: Chain of Flowers News Blog

The Cure: Pictures of You Fansite

The Cure: Some Forests (Covers Site)

8. Dead Can Dance

So, so glad I saw them play live when they came to Seattle. Very ethereal and beautiful. I teared up a couple times because it was just so overwhelmingly powerful. I often have one of their albums on quietly in the background when I host a dinner party. Check out Cantara performed live on Youtube.

Dead Can Dance Fan Page on Facebook

Brendan Perry Official Facebook

Dead Can Dance on MySpace

Dead Can Dance at Wikipedia

Lisa Gerrard on MySpace

9. Diamanda Galas

I don't listen to her while driving in my car, and I certainly don't put her music on as the background during dinner parties. But during the cold winter, late at night, fireplace lit, a glass of red wine on my coffee table.. her songs set just the right eerie mood. I also really enjoy her blues songs.

Diamanda Galas Official Facebook Page

Diamanda Galas at IMDB

Diamanda Galas on MySpace

Diamanda Galas at Wikipedia

10. Jarboe

Formerly the lead singer of The Swans, Jarboe has been a solo artist for many years now. She performed recently at the 2010 WGT. She's always experimenting and doing something very interesting - love that about her!

Jarboe on Facebook

Jarboe on MySpace

Jarboe on Twitter

11. Joy Division

I unfortunately have to make a lot of gloomy 2.5 hour car trips to visit relatives (usually because they're sick, but sometimes for holidays and celebrations too). I ease the journey by putting on Joy Division.. it's perfect to listen to during snowy, rainy or foggy drives along Snoqualmie Pass. Puts me in a contemplative mood.

Joy Division, on MySpace

Joy Division Central

Joy Division Group on Facebook

Joy Division, at Wikipedia

12. Love Spirals Downwards

I'm a sucker for a female vocalist, and this is beautiful music besides. Today as I'm listening to Write in Water on Youtube, I'm mad at myself for forgetting to listen to this band more often.

Love Spirals Downwards, on Facebook

Love Spirals Downwards, on MySpace

Ryan Lum.Net

Love Spirals Downwards, on Wikipedia

13. Lycia

This darkwave band makes such relaxing, dark, quiet music. Great for background music when I'm working or writing letters, or after I've lit a fire in the late evening.

Lycia Group, on Facebook

Lycia on MySpace

Lycia at Wikipedia

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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