August 31, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Eerie eBay Shops

I knew eBay has lost a lot of stores, with their fee changes and difficult new changes to rules for sellers. I closed my own Darklinks store down too. But I wasn't prepared for about 96% of my goth eBay store links to have died in the last 12 months. Sooo many goth stores have closed down entirely or just moved over to etsy.

Here are a few cool shops that remain:

1. Apocalypse Lounge

A mega-store selling Nightmare Before Christmas, Emily Strange, Ruby Gloom, Lip Service, Invader Zim, and lots of off-topic metal stuff.

2. The Black Cat Closet

They sell Alchemy Gothic jewelry, makeup, wigs, goth jewelry, goth home decor, pin-up fashion, Gothic home decor, and Halloween items.

3. Bone Diva's Closet

Surreal art paintings, monsters, fantasy, and other art pieces.

4. Crimson Moon Demon Babies

This shop sells OOAK altered zombie dolls.

5. Dark Creations

D.L. Marian's uber-creepy spooky art dolls.

6. Darkwear

Right now, mostly selling beautiful lace parasols and some T-shirts.

7. Dedgothgirl

Wow, this seller has over 14,000 feedback! Selling Lip Service, plus goth shirts, clothes, accessories, and hoodies.

8. Fatal Impact

They sell Halloween items, tons of Manic Panic, Demonia, collars and cuffs, Shrine clothing, jewelry, parasol, purses, and other cool items.

9. Gothic Revival

A UK store selling corsets, goth skirts, jackets, dresses, and other clothing. Also some Victorian style jewelry.

10. Strange Assortments

I really like the looks of the jewelry at this UK ebay shop. One of the celtic cross pendants is tempting me!

11. KittyCat Black

Truly adorable cat-themed red and black jewelry.

12. Redemption Clothing

Huge store with over 4000 items, including Lip Service, Darque, corsets, Halloween costumes, and legwear.

13. Silver Spider 2000

Lots of goth jewelry here, plus lacy black gloves, chokers, and gauntlets.

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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