July 24, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Wicked Horror Authors

1. Charlaine Harris

I always thought of her Southern Vampire Mysteries as lighthearted fun, not horror fiction. But they've been turned into the extremely dark True Blood show on HBO. And unlike the vampires of Twilight, hers actually do bite, instead of mooning about all the time.


Charlaine Harris Official Fan Site, on Facebook

Charlaine Harris on Twitter

Charlaine Harris, at Wikipedia

Loving True Blood in Dallas

The Sookie Stackhouse Series Fanlisting

Southern Vampires.com

True Blood, at LiveJournal

True Blood Net.com

2. Francesca Lia Block

Not a "horror author," but many of her works feature very dark, disturbing themes.


Francesca Lia Block, on Facebook

Francesca Lia Block, on MySpace

Francesca Lia Block, on Twitter

Francesca Lia Block Shrine

Francesca Lia Block, at LiveJournal

Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat Series Fanlisting

Goddess: The Francesca Lia Block Fanlisting

3. Ramsey Campbell

A British horror author that kindergoths might not have heard of. My favorite book by him is "The Long Lost."


Ramsey Campbell Community Page, on Facebook

4. Douglas Clegg

I can't remember which one I was reading, but a Douglas Clegg novel grossed me out so much, I put it down and never read another book of his again. (That's a compliment though, but it means I'm a gore wimp!)


Douglas Clegg, on Twitter

Douglas Clegg, on Wikipedia

5. Nancy A. Collins

Probably most known, so far, for her Sonja Blue books. Check out her awesome taste in music, which you can discover on MySpace.

Nancy A. Collins on Facebook

Nancy A. Collins at MySpace

Nancy A. Collins on Twitter

Nancy A. Collins at Wikipedia

6. Storm Constantine

Best known for her "Wraeththu" series.


Storm Constantine: Stormboard, at Yahoo! Groups

Storm Constantine, at Wikipedia

Forever Wraeththu Fanfiction

Inception Zine: Inspired by Storm Constantine

Procreation: Wraeththu Fanfiction

Wraeththu Rocks, on Facebook

Wraeththu, at LiveJournal

7. Nancy Kilpatrick

A prolific Canadian author. Of all my Facebook acquaintance friends, hers are the most interesting, thoughtful real, and honest updates. I end up paying more attention to them than to updates from people I know more closely, and that surprises me. She writes and edits a lot of vampire fiction, and wrote the extremely popular Goth Bible. She also stays extremely busy editing and contributing to short story compilations and anthologies.

Nancy Kilpatrick (Official)

Nancy Kilpatrick on Facebook

Nancy Kilpatrick Bibliography at Fantastic Fiction

8. Brian Lumley

British author, best known in our scene for the Necroscope series.


Brian Lumley Necroscope Group, on Facebook

Brian Lumley at Wikipedia

9. Yvonne Navarro

"Back in the day," when the net.horror scene was small, I had the pleasure of corresponding occasionally with this nice and creative lady. I even got to meet her at a World Horror Con in Eugene, Oregon. I am so delighted to see her success in the horror field!


Yvonne Navarro, on Facebook

Yvonne Navarro, on LiveJournal

Yvonne Navarro, on Twitter

10. Clive Barker

I hardly need to introduce him to you guys. Seriously. But here are some links!


Clive Barker, on Facebook

Clive Barker, on Twitter

Clive Barker at Wikipedia

Clive Barker Fanclub, at Yahoo! Groups

11. Laurell K. Hamilton

Author of the extremely popular "Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter" series.

All Things Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Wiki

Anita Blake Fan Fiction, at Yahoo! Groups

Anita Blake Series, on Facebook

Anita Blake Triumverate Fanfiction, at Yahoo! Groups

Dark Desires: The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Fanlisting

Laurell K. Hamilton (Official)

Laurell K. Hamilton, at Yahoo! Groups

The Merry Gentry Fanlisting

Vampires & Faeries: The Laurell K. Hamilton Fanlisting

Laurell K. Hamilton, on Wikipedia

12. Neil Gaiman

Oh for heaven's sake, you already know who this is!

Neil Gaiman.com

Neil Gaiman's Journal

Neil Gaiman, on Facebook

Neil Gaiman, at IMDB

Neil Gaiman, on Twitter

Neil Gaiman, on Wikipedia

London Below: The Neverwhere Fanlisting

Smoke and Mirrors: The Neil Gaiman Fanlisting

Stardust Fan Fiction, at LiveJournal

13. Dean Koontz

Currently writing some interesting Frankenstein-based fiction.

Dean Koontz (Official)

Dean Koontz Fan Club

Dean Koontz Fansite

Dean R. Koontz at IMDB

Dean Koontz, on Wikipedia

Strange Highways: The Dean Koontz Fanlisting

--Carrie Carolin

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