July 13, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Fantastic Regional Goth Scene Resources

1. Gothic BC

British Columbia's goth scene has always been fantastically organized. It warms my heart to see it's still a strong scene. Many people have put so much work into keeping the scene informed, planning events, and providing up-to-date info. The forums here are pretty active, and you might enjoy the galleries. Currently featuring 67 new images from the recent Steampunk mini-con


Gothic BC on Facebook

Gothic BC Livejournal

Gothic BC on Twitter

2. Toronto Goth

Another extremely organized, vibrant Canadian goth scene. "Making Toronto a Darker Place."


Toronto Goth Facebook Group

Toronto Goth, at Yahoo! Groups

3. New England Goth

An active scene with lots of events within easy train or Metro rides. I'm jealous! The Yahoo! group is one of the very few moderated, still-on-topic, active regional goth groups I've seen lately.

New England Goth Livejournal

New England Darkside Walkers, at Yahoo! Groups

4. Arizona Goths

These folks face particular challenges that most of the rest of us don't have to cope with: Blazing hot sunshine pretty much year-round!

AZ Goths, at LiveJournal

AZ Goth at Yahoo! Groups

AZ Industrial, at Yahoo! Groups

Gothic AZ, at Yahoo! Groups

PHX Goth.com

5. Colorado Goths

An extremely active scene. Those long snowy winters seem to make Colorado goths band together, organizing resources and keeping in touch with fellow goths.

Colorado Net.Goths, at LiveJournal


Colorado Goth Community, on Facebook

Colorado Goths, at LiveJournal

Co-Goths, at Yahoo! Groups

Colorado Gothic Promotions, at LiveJournal

Colorado Therians, at LiveJournal

Colorado Vampire Meetup Group

Dark Colorado, at LiveJournal

Death Rock Colorado, at LiveJournal

6. Florida

Another brave, busy cluster of goths hiding from the sun in the Sunshine State.

Florida Goth, at Yahoo! Groups

Florida Goths, at Yahoo! Groups

Florida Lolitas, at LiveJournal

Gainesville Goth, at LiveJournal

Jacksonville Gothic/Industrial, at LiveJournal

Miami Goth, at Yahoo! Groups

Orlando gothic, at LiveJournal

South Florida Gothic/Industrial Scene, on Facebook

South Florida Goth, at LiveJournal

7. Chicago

Probably the largest US goth scene that I know of, based on sheer number of resources, members, events, DJs, etc. The epicenter of all the activity is Dark Chicago.com

Dark Chicago on Facebook

Dark Chicago on Twitter

Dark Chicago on MySpace

Chicago Gothic/Industrial, at LiveJournal

Chicago Gothic and Lolita, at LiveJournal

Chicago Horror.com

Chicago Zombie.com

Chicago Creepster, at Yahoo! Groups

8. New Orleans Goths

As you can imagine, the New Orleans goth scene was decimated after Katrina hit. As people have moved back into the city, the goth scene has rebuilt and has a lot to offer both locals and tourists. This weekend, the Southern Gothic Festival took place in NOLA, too. Sadly, Nolagoth.com is now gone.

Haunted New Orleans

Lower Decatur, on LiveJournal

NOLA Darkside, at LiveJournal

9. Boston Goths

I love visiting Boston and hanging out with my goth friends there. Always meet really nice friendly people. A very tight-knit scene, where everybody seems to know everybody else. (That can be both good and bad, huh?)

Boston Area Goth/Industrial, on Facebook (not very active though)

B0st0n, at LiveJournal

Boston Goth, at Yahoo! Groups

Boston Goths, at Yahoo! Groups

5 College Area Gothy Types, at LiveJournal

Gothic Boston, at LiveJournal

Steampunk Society of Massachusetts, at LiveJournal

10. New York and New Jersey

By virtue of population, these scenes are of course massive, with tons of events, splinter groups; steampunk, horror and Lolita and zombie crossover interests; and thousands of goth people.

Goths in Jersey, at Yahoo! Groups

Industrial NY, at LiveJournal

NY, CT, NJ Goth Meetup Group

The Court of Lazarus, at Yahoo! Groups

Gothic New York, at Yahoo! Groups

Midnight NYC Meetup Group

NYC Goth, at LiveJournal

NY Steam, at LiveJournal

NY Steampunk Meetup Group

New York Tri-State Goths, on Facebook

Swing Goth NYC, on Facebook

11. Washington, DC

I loved living in our nation's capitol, back in autumn 2002. A goth friend took me to hmm.. Nation, I think, once or twice. I appreciated the energy and the friendliness of the local goths. The clubs I remember were huge multi-room venues with lots of people who actually danced, not hiding on the walls talking to people (like I was doing!)

Ambrosia DC, at LiveJournal

The Metro Underground

Midnight DC, at Yahoo! Groups

Shadowscene, at LiveJournal

Those Who Mourn (Christian goths), at LiveJournal

12. Netgoth.Org.Uk

The ubersite for United Kingdom goth resources. Amazing amounts of work go into keeping this fresh, accurate and updated. Wonderful!


13. London

Of course London has a fantastic goth scene! This is where it all started, after all.

London Cybergoth, at LiveJournal

London Goth Sluts, at LiveJournal

London Goth Sluts.com

The London Goth Meetup Group

The London Goth Meetup Group, on Facebook

London Underground Goths, at LiveJournal

The London Vampire Meetup Group

-Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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