June 5, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Worthwhile Goth Events

1. Bat's Day in the Fun Park

Every year, hundreds of goths gather to enjoy a day at Disneyland together. This year was the twelfth annual event. I'm so glad it's still going, though I've never managed to make my schedule work to attend. This year's event took place April 30 to May 2, so I think you could call it Bat's Weekend.

Other events included in the weekend's festivities were The Nightmare before Bats Day, Bats Day Ghoulish Gala, and Bats Day Dark Park.



Bat's Day in the Fun Park, at Wikipedia

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2. Blackfield Festival

June 12-13, 2010 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. This year's bands include Front 242, Girls Under Glass, and Zeromancer.


Blackfield Festival on Facebook

Blackfield Festival, on MySpace

3. Castle Party

July 29-August 1, 2010 at Bolkow Castle in Poland. Bands include Clan of Xymax, QNTAL, Faith and the Muse, The Cassandra Complex, and Kirlian Camera. DJ William Faith will spin a set.


Castle Party Facebook Group

Castle Party Radio, on Facebook

Castle Party, on MySpace

4. Convergence

The alt.gothic yearly party for net.goths and their friends. It moves from city to city. Last year I enjoyed partying with my goth friends on the Queen Mary!

This year's party takes place in Park City, Utah, August 13-16, 2010.


Convergence on LiveJournal

5. Dark Arts Festival

A very important (and from what I hear, fabulously fun) festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. This year it takes place June 11-13, and it's their tenth anniversary! Voltaire will perform.


Dark Arts Festival Group, on Facebook

6. Dracula's Ball

The legendary Philly event. Every goth should go to this at least once in their lifetime. The next event takes place July 31st, 2010.


7. ProjektFest

If you're only going to one US music festival this year, I highly recommend prioritizing ProjektFest. Held July 30 and 31 in Philly, in conjunction with Dracula's Ball this year.


Projectfest Event on Facebook

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8. Edwardian Ball

It took place in January in San Francisco. There were artists, bands, ballroom dancing, vendors, and of course a ball.


9. Festival of the Dead

Halloweentime events in Salem, Massachusetts, including the Witches Ball.


Festival of the Dead, on MySpace

Festival of the Dead on Facebook

10. GothCruise

Departing December 5, 2010 from San Juan, Puerto Rico. This always sounds so fun, I have got to get my act together and go one of these years.


GothCruise on Facebook

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11. Whitby Gothic Weekend

The legendary UK gothfest. Held in April and in October each year.


Whitby Gothic Weekend, on Facebook

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12. Wave Gotik Treffen

June 10-13 2011 in Leipzig, Germany. Probably the most important UK goth event in history. Thousands of goths and gruftis attend and show off their fashions.


WGT on Livejournal

Leipzig on Wikipedia

M'era Luna

August 7-8, 2010 in Hildesheim, Germany.


M'era Luna Festival on Facebook

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M'era Luna, at Wikipedia

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