August 15, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Great Gothic Lolita Resources

1. La Carmina

A fabulous blog on Gothic Lolita and Japanese street style. She goes to lots of parties, concerts, events and seems to have a wonderful time. Except when she went to the Merc in Seattle. Oops! She also works in television and writes books. You'll never be bored when browsing this blog.

2. Daily Lolita

An LJ community with over 4000 members. People post their recent finds or what they're wearing today. Amazingly this isn't full of ads and spam for selling clothes. Just people enjoying Lolita style and keeping posts on topic. I like that!

3. EGL Sales

An extremely well organized LJ community, with strict rules and careful moderators. This is where you come to sell, buy or trade Elegant Gothic Lolita clothing and accessories. Very active and busy community here. Due to the careful adherence to rules and procedures, I'd feel comfortable buying something via this venue. Also see the EGL community for non-sales related posts.

4. EGL Cooking

Lolitas gather to share recipes for tiny tarts, strawberry cream, and other delicacies. I just wish the posters would share photos of the food they've cooked.

5. Carousel of Crowns

An excellent blog on Gothic and Lolita fashion. There's an advice column, book reviews, a section for home decor, a Lifestyle section, and an area for tea-related posts. Plus of course lots of fashion-related posts. I love this blog!

6. Dollpart

This blogger finds really interesting things to post about, which makes it worth the wait between her posts. Gorgeous pictures and dresses to look at here.

7. Gothic Lolita Links

This site is in Japanese, but you can easily figure out which links you want to visit by mousing over the domain names. A great way to discover new Lolita webpages, especially shops.

8. Loligoth UK

Gothic Lolitas in the UK network via this LJ community. Besides the expected for-sale posts, there is info on meetups and events.

9. GlitterLily

A Yahoo! group devoted to Gothic Lolita. See if you can find the humorous typo or misspelling in the group's description, heh.

10. The Marchionesse Mad

A blog by a Loli in Chicago. I think you will enjoy looking at her cooking and lifestyle posts. "Life with frills." Be sure to check out her Marie Antoinette and Chocolate post, too. I think I will be visiting this blog often, myself!

11. Paperlace

This Gothic Lolita blog is in Swedish, but even though I can't read the language, I find plenty to enjoy here. Adorable pictures of blond Lolitas in frilly pink dresses, cupcakes and jewelry, and store openings in Sweden. The blog post titles are in English, so that helps. See if you are as delighted with this blog as I was.

12. Steampunk Lolita

I love this crossover style! Very fascinating to see what people do. Here's an LJ community with people eager to show off their ideas. "The Aesthetic Engine."

13. We Sew Loli

An amazingly helpful and supportive LJ community for people who sew their own Gothic Lolita clothes. A great place to ask advice or get tips.

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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