June 3, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Coolest Dark Comics

1. Comic Monsters

This is a huge blog and news site for monster-themed comic books. There's a community area, reviews, info on horror comic toys, features on various artists, and some free horror comics.


Comic Monsters on Facebook

2. Everyday Decay

A webcomic about zombies. It's really well done! Recommended. He hasn't posted any new comics in a while, but you'll enjoy what's already there.


3. Lovecraft is Missing

An online webcomic about H.P. Lovecraft, updated once a week. There will be 144 pages total before the story is finished.


Lovecraft is Missing, on Facebook

4. Spookyland - Lenore

I doubt I need to tell you anything more about the ubercool little dead girl.


5. Making Fiends

Two series worth of online webisodes, starring Vendetta (who makes fiends) and Charlotte (who makes friends). Very fun to watch!


6. Precious Miseries

Precious Miseries Plush Doll, on Amazon

This comic follows the lives of orphans living in Precious Miseries Manor. The orphans themselves are punks, goths and Lolitas. Click here to read the online comic. There's a silly sprites adoptions page if you like that sort of thing. (I sort of do!)


Precious Miseries on Facebook

Precious Miseries on Twitter

7. Dead in Dreamland

A manga-style comic. A departure from what I usually link to, but I find it refreshing.


8. Kindergoth

A comic by Bloodfire Studios.


Kindergoth, on Facebook

Kindergoth, on Twitter

9. Nemi

Check this out really quickly - it's a Norwegian black-metal (meaning not goth) comic strip featured in a UK newspaper.


Nemi, at Wikipedia

10. Putrid Pal

A cute webcomic about an undead little French boy. A vinyl toy has been made of the main character.


11. The Zombie Hunters


The Zombie Hunters, on Facebook

12. We Kill Monsters

Two brothers discover that monsters are real and have begun to infest the world. Not a web comic - I usually only link to comics you can read online. But just this once.. because this is cool!


We Kill Monsters, on Facebook

We Kill Monsters, on Twitter

13. Biff the Vampire

A silly comic. I love that they aren't afraid to be goofy. The main character is Biff Strigoi Morti.


Biff the Vampire on Facebook

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