December 16, 2009

Goth News for December 16


The Apple Trailers website is making a big fuss over the Tim Burton Trailer, which is available in HD. It's a featured ad on the top of the Apple site right now. 3/5/10!

Alice in Wonderland, at Apple

BEASTLY: This looks SO stupid. I probably shouldn't even give it the time of day to share the link. But maybe you need to have a laugh today. "Goth classmate Kendra retaliates by casting a spell that physically transforms him into everything he despises." Uh, goths can cast spells now? Wish I'd known this 16 years ago.


"The Brood" Remake Gets a "Crazies" Director (CHUD)

"Coraline" Helmer Henry Selick Working on 3 Projects, Including Another Gaiman (Digital Spy)

Neil Gaiman, Others React to Golden Globes Nominations (Newsarama)

40 Screenshots From "Alice in Wonderland" Trailer (/Film)

New "Alice in Wonderland" Trailer Shouts 'Off With Her Head' (MTV Movies Blog)

New Trailer for Tim Burton's "Alice" Highlights Weirdness (Sci Fi Wire)

"Paranormal Activity" Comic Previewed (Digital Spy)

Brad Pitt, Summit Working on Dracula Movie, "Vlad" (MTV)

Natalie Portman to Star, Produce in "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" (AMC)

Quoth the Reader, 'Evermore': Creating Zines Based on Poe's Life and Work (NY Times)

So You Think You Know Edgar Allan Poe? Boston Library Exhibit (Boston Herald)

"Thor" Writers Taking on Futuristic Vampire Flick "Damn Nation" (First Showing)

"Three Kings" Director to be Brains of Austen Zombies Movie? (Sci Fi Wire)

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