June 6, 2014

7 Home Haunt and Halloween Links for Professional and Hobbyist Haunters

Canadian Haunters Association

A fairly busy webpage and group, with info on upcoming events, commercial haunts, supplier lists, and a directory of home haunts in Canada. The association's members are getting together for a scary picnic this summer.


Canadian Haunters Association on Facebook

Canadian Haunters Association on Twitter

Selling Halloween

A professional Halloween retail industry website with news, a magazine, buyer's guide, newsletter, and resources.


Halloween Industry Association

This industry association website offers sections for parents, educators, and communities; plus news, and info on the International Halloween Show. (The next one is in December 2014 in New York City). The group lists 24 members (mostly Halloween costume and product vendors) so far.


HAA Show

TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show for the haunt and Halloween industry. The next show is March 19-22, 2015 in St. Louis.


Scare LA

This Los Angeles Halloween convention will take place


Scare LA on Facebook

Scare LA on Twitter

Midwest Haunters Convention

This convention for home haunters will take place June 6-8, 2014 in Ohio.


Midwest Haunters Convention on Facebook

Midwest Haunters Convention on Google+

Midwest Haunters Convention on Twitter

Garage of Evil Network

This is a very active community for home haunters, with over 7000 members. There are blogs, haunt pics, event listings, how-to articles, haunt videos, and forum discussions. Highly recommended!


Garage of Evil Network on Facebook

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