December 31, 2013

Blog of the Year Pick for 2013

My pick this year for Blog of the Year is The Curious Professor Z. I've so enjoyed reading Mary Frances' (Franny's) various blogs over the years, including Le Professeur Gothique and The Dancing Maenad.

Her Bat Fit fitness challenge has inspired so many goths to get fitter and more healthy. I see her Bat Fit banner everywhere I look when I'm out exploring the dark corners of the Web. (Check out the 2014 Bat Fit info and the Bat Fit Facebook group if this sounds interesting to you).

I also am so impressed with her challenges she used to pose on her Professeur Gothique blog. Goth bloggers around the world would accept her "homework" challenge and answer her questions on their blogs, sharing things about their lives, their goth fashion stylings, and their hobbies.

I loved reading answers to "How do you relax?" and "Post something related to an artist who inspires you" or "Draw fashion inspiration from India and post a picture of yourself" and "Find inspiration in snow and ice and produce something creative."

Currently, she's blogging about her passions: art, academia, and fashion. She's letting us peer a bit into her personal life, with posts about her holidays and how she decorated her home; her Winter solstice; a bit about her life in academia and a peek at her Christmas lights; and some cute pics of her in adorable gothy outfits. I don't have her courage to share so much about my personal life, that's really gutsy of her given all the weird stalkers out there on the net!

Hope you enjoy browsing The Curious Professor Z, if you aren't already a regular reader of hers!

--Carrie Carolin

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  1. Holy smokes! I am so honored and humbled by this. I can't thank you enough for your kind words and for this incredible honor. Wow! Sending you so much love, happiness and health for 2014. Wow. I'm floored.

    1. Oh I am so glad you are happy about this, given I didn't contact you first or ask permission to repost your pic! I usually spring this on people, hehe.

  2. PS: homework assignments will begin once agin in February, so stay tuned. Gosh, thank you so much.

    1. I am excited to figure out a way to participate in your homework assignments. Maybe on Facebook since I don't have a personal blog!

  3. Aww so sweet! Professor definately has blog to pick for ^^