October 29, 2013

New Halloween Links for the Spooky Season

Halloween Collector

Mark B. Ledenbach shares his Halloween collection, amassed and curated since 1988. His audience is primarily serious collectors of vintage Halloween memorabilia, but people simply wanting to know more about the hobby will enjoy this site too. His FAQ on buying vintage Halloween items is really interesting, and the blog provides fascinating pics and articles.


Take Back Halloween

A costume resource guide for "Women with imagination." Removing the "sexy" aspect of women's Halloween costumes, and creating costumes instead that are witty, clever, empowering or really cool. The inspirational costume ideas here help you figure out how to put together a costume with things you already have - without even having to sew! This site encourages you to dress as your favorite heroine, pay tribute to your heritage, be a queen for the day, channel the Goddess, or channel Hollywood red carpet glamour.

Costume categories here include Notable Women, Glamour Grrls, Goddesses and Legends, and Queens.

As a geek, I love that their Notable Women section starts with Ada Lovelace. And don't miss the entry on Lizzie Borden!



Hallow-Holics Anonymous is a creepy blog dedicated to Halloween and horror movies. They find really interesting things to post about. Check out their Halloween Hotties vintage pinups post and their recent post on drive in trailers for movies featuring the devil.


365 Days of Costumes

This costume store called Theatrical Costumes Etc. in Boulder Colorado took on the challenge of posting a pic of an employee in costume every day this year. You'll love browsing the pics!


Halloween Show

The official Facebook presence for the National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention. It will next take place from May 2-4, 2014.



Nearly 20,000 fans keep Halloween alive year-round on this Facebook page.



Former members of the legendary Halloween-L mailing list joined this Facebook group to keep in touch and share their love of the holiday.


13 Nights of Halloween

ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween offers this Facebook page for fans to keep track of which shows are playing next. 455,000 people love this page! The movies play from October 19-31.


Designing the Fear

Behind-the-scenes looks at haunted attractions, home haunts and haunted Halloween events. Recently they're featuring Queen Mary's Dark Harbor.


Designing Fear on Facebook

Halloween Holler

A pleasantly cheerful blog with homemade DIY Halloween crafts, Halloween recipes, and a blogroll of good Halloween blog links.


Scareworld Magazine

Scareworld is a magazine for professional haunt vendors and haunted house attractions in Europe. Probably not all that interesting if you're not in the biz, and they haven't updated the blog since July unfortunately.


Halloween Queens

A 1000 fan Halloween page with makeup, decor, signs and memes. Cutesey stuff, not very dark.


Halloween 365-24/7

Another Facebook Halloween page with cute pics and images. "Celebrating Halloween all year long."

Halloween 365-24/7 on Facebook

Halloween Crazy

A Halloween Facebook page that's mostly reposts from other places, but they do find interesting pics.


I Eat, Sleep and Breathe Halloween

A woman runs this 45k fan Facebook page with lots of interesting Halloween and horror pics, postings and news info.

I Eat, Sleep and Breathe Halloween on Facebook

Halloween Pictures

41,000 fans enjoy the Halloween and spooky pics posted here on this Facebook page.

Halloween Pictures on Facebook

Vintage Halloween Collectibles

Really interesting pics of vintage Halloween postcards, collectibles, ephemera and toys.

Vintage Halloween Collectibles on Facebook

The Pumpkin Season - When Witches Fly

My favorite Halloween fan page. The curator just finds extremely interesting things to share, and doesn't just repost the same pics from other places over and over.

The Pumpkin Season, on Facebook

Halloween Corner

This Halloween Facebook fan page has an astonishing amount of fans - nearly 140,000! They post several interesting pics a day - mainly Halloween recipes, spooky houses, and some cosmetics tips.

Halloween Corner, on Facebook

Fun for Halloween

6-8 Halloween related Facebook posts per day, often recipes.

Fun for Halloween, on Facebook

Boo Halloween Boo

Lots and lots of intriguing Halloween recipes are posted here, plus the occasional cute costumed kid and spooky black kitty pic.

Boo Halloween Boo on Facebook

Halloween Inspirations

This page posts a lot of interesting vintage Halloween advertisements and photographs.

Halloween Inspirations, on Facebook

Everything Halloween

A Halloween crafts and DIY costumes/decor page. I like a lot of the projects posted here recently, even though I'm too lazy to attempt them.

Everything Halloween, on Facebook

Memories of Halloween

This page posts about Halloween movies, costumes, props, books, recipes, decorations, ghosts and the paranormal.

Memories of Halloween, on Facebook

Everyday is Halloween 365

This is my second favorite Halloween facebook page. The things they post here are quite a bit darker than other pages, with hardly anything cutesy.

Every Day is Halloween 365 on Facebook

Halloween Hollow Haunts

Halloween and horror postings influenced by the past twenty or thirty years. I like the vintage 1980s things they show here.

Halloween Hollow Haunts, on Facebook

Gothic Crafts and Halloween Treasures

This page is getting off to a good start. Recently they've shared projects including a a printable bat box, shown snapdragon seed pods that look like skulls, and shown a cool idea for decorating your jacket with safety pins.

Gothic Crafts and Halloween Treasures, on Faceboook

Everyday is Halloween All Hallows Eve

This page is heavy on the dark gothic fantasy art and video postings.

Everyday is Halloween - All Hallows Eve on Facebook

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