September 27, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for Late September 2013


Frugal Frights and Delights

Debbie's blog about "Inspiring Enchantment Without Spending a Fortune." Currently she's blogging about the Sally NMBC dress she's creating; repulsive recipes for Halloween; and the dolls she's transformed into zombies.

Illuminating Shadows

"Dark Folkore, Strange History and Morbid Curiosities." A really interesting blog with posts on archaeology, cannibalistic healing practices, and haunted trees of New England. There aren't very many posts here, but what's here is very well researched and written.

Live Steamy

Melanie Grace's blog about her steampunk lifestyle. There are music posts here, but also a lot of posts promoting the cool items she sells in her Etsy shop.

Live Steamy on Facebook

Spider Violets

Dana Dark's blog about her life as a dark mom, crafter, Victoriana fan, and dark musician. Recent posts include intriguing photos of some old family treasures she acquired; some autumn makeup she's experimenting with; and a review of Enchanticals perfume. Also check out her recent post on some ghoulish candles she devised.


Vamptasy Publishing

Vamptasy Publishing, on Facebook


Little Inferno

My two youngest boys are currently obsessed with this cathartic game. Basically all you do is burn up toys in the fireplace all day long. There are dark shadows, spooky spiders, and satisfying crackling and burning noises. It's that simple! I can't believe how much time these guys spend playing this game if we let them.

Little Inferno, at Tomorrow Corporation



A dark ambient "death industrial" band. Not to be confused with the metal band from Poland with the same name. I believe they're from Germany. Check out their songs on the YouTube link.

Narrenturm, on Facebook

Narrenturm on YouTube



This Scottish Etsy shop sells stunningly gorgeous riding hats, Victorian fascinators, neo Victorian Mad Hatter hats, burlesque and tricorn hats. There are a few striking designs for men as well.

My favorite item here is this Victorian Mini burlesque fascinator.

Black Hat Factory

This shop is a great place to pick up basic lovely staples for your gothic wardrobe. Their hats include Victorian, steampunk, gothic and just plain historical costume cosplay style hats. They also carry a few pretty pieces of jewelry.

My favorite item here is this velvet steampunk Victorian hat.

The Funeral Garden

This Canadian shop is based in London, Ontario. It's been open since 2004. I think I linked to it in the old Darklinks link directory, but it's time for an update! They sell jewelry (including a lot of Alchemy Gothic pieces), gothic fantasy artwork, home decor and trinket boxes, and gargoyle-themed items. There's also a large section for occult books and magazines.

The Funeral Garden on Facebook

MeraV Design Company

This Israeli shop specializes in steampunk and goth mini top hats. They're super creative, I haven't seen hats much like this elsewhere yet. They use a lot of feathers and gorgeous flowers.

My favorite mini top hat here is the Red Gothic Steampunk one!


Zombie Hoard

25,000 fans signed up to receive the five or six posts a day this page offers: zombie photos, news, zombie artwork, zombie comics and zombie toy pics.

Zombie Hoard, on Facebook

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