August 19, 2013

New Goth and Zombie Links for August 19, 2013


Vampyre Fangs

A Jewish Italian public defense lawyer runs this interesting blog about vampires, zombies, goth and steampunk. There's lots of fascinating photos here, and some well-chosen reblogs from other blogs. Check out the recent post on gothic bedroom decor.


Conjurer's Kitchen

This bakery is located in Birmingham in the UK. The cake artist creates incredibly detailed dark and spooky cakes, such as skull cakes, a BDSM wedding cake, and an anatomical head cake. Their dark creations are so cool, unique and innovative!

Conjurer's Kitchen on Facebook


Asylum: 2.8 Hours Later

This zombie chase game is sweeping Europe. Not a 5k run, but more of a zombie scavenger hunt and a game. The game starts at sundown and lasts 2.8 hours. At the end, participants join in a bar for much needed alcohol. Current cities the game is available in are Bristol, Edinburgh, and soon, London. What a cool concept!

2.8 Hours Later on Facebook

Bram Stoker International Film Festival

This year's festival takes place in Whitby in the UK, from October 24 through 27, 2013.

Bram Stoker Festival on Facebook

Bram Stoker Festival on Twitter


Cute & Creepy

This Etsy shop is based in Oakland, California. They sell skull and skeleton-themed hair clips and accessories; blood spatter hair bows; and some hair accessories involving cute stuff like cupcakes.

My favorite thing here is the zombie cupcake hair clip.


This Etsy shop sells cute skeleton dolls, jewelry, hair accessories, and a Day of the Dead altar. The shop is based in Georgia.

My favorite item here is this set of mermaid Siamese twin skeleton dolls.


Sincerely, Boots

Sincerely, Boots is an underground culture web zine covering gothy and geeky topics. It covers fashion and lifestyle topics. Currently their most popular article is 5 Biggest Steampunk Cosplay Fashion Mistakes, followed by How Do You Wear Black Lipstick? I wish they would post a little more often, but it does take time to make quality posts such as they offer here. I think you'll enjoy this zine.

Sincerely, Boots on Facebook

Sincerely, Boots on Twitter


Life of Chloe Noir

Chloe lives in Slovakia and loves goth music. She writes in English, and shares outfit posts, pics of her DIY craft projects, and thoughts on being and looking different. Check out her recent beautiful photoshoot.


Brides of Dracula

A small Facebook page specializing in photos and funny posts about the Brides of Dracula, including Lucy Westenra. They also post lots of things related to Dracula himself. There aren't posts every day, but when they do post, it's multiple posts in the same day. Definitely worth a look and a Like.

Brides of Dracula, on Facebook

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