August 5, 2013

New Dark Links for August 5, 2013


Azar Swan

This dark electronic duo from Brooklyn has a female vocalist! The members are Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn. A couple of their songs on Soundcloud are too close to dubstep for my personal taste, but I LOVE her voice! Check out their "Amrika" video and their Bugatti cover.

Azar Swan on Facebook

Azar Swan on SoundCloud


Death Proof Zombies

The horrific pics posted here aren't limited to just zombies. The curator, João Fialho, finds gory, gross or unusual images, then throws in the occasional interesting cat picture or still photo from a movie. You won't be bored, say 33,000 Facebook fans.

Death Proof Zombies, on Facebook

Horrific Finds

This Facebook page is really cool, I like seeing the horror and spooky finds the admin posts every day. However, I wish they'd more often link to the source of their finds. For example, this morning they posted a really cool skull toaster, but no link to where you could find one. That makes it less useful. Anyway, the page's curator has really good taste and finds super cool stuff to showcase.

Horrific Finds, on Facebook


Dark Alley

It's nice to see some dark dollies that are this unique and aren't just a regular baby doll spattered in red "blood" paint to look creepy. Right now there aren't any actual dolls for sale in this shop - just giclee prints of the truly frightening looking art dolls. The artist, Veronika, lives in Everett, just a little ways north of me here in Washington state.

Hysteria Machine

This shop sells extremely unique headpieces and interesting items to wear in your hair. I'm really impressed with their style!

For example, here's their Cthulhu Starspawn Sea Witch tentacle headdress.


True Blood Screencaps

Somebody is working incredibly hard to provide so many nice good quality screen caps for all the True Blood episodes. They catch up pretty quickly after new episodes air. Their most recent album is In the Evening (Season 6 episode 7) which contains an astounding 3019 images. Not only is there a lot of eye candy here, but it can also be a good way to review an episode you missed all or parts of!


Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo

Park of the Monsters is a 16th century garden in Italy. It used to be called "Villa of Wonders." There are huge rock sculptures made to look like mythological figures. While most of the statues aren't actually horrific or scary looking, I can only imagine how awe inspiring it is to tour the park.


Steampunk Family

The VonHedwig family is a bunch of resourceful DIY steampunk crafters and steampunk fashionistas. Check out their projects here, and read their tales of adventure. They also teach classes, and provide an extensive list of steampunk resources. Great website!

The Steampunk Family on Facebook

Steampunk Family on Twitter

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