August 5, 2013

A Handful of Gothic Regional Resources

Of all the types of links I have added to Dark Side of the Net over the years, I consider the Gothic Regional Resources to be the very most important ones. I love the Internet, but there's nothing like meeting up in real life for face-to-face fun with other dark-minded individuals! These resources especially are important to goths in smaller towns or more isolated communities. Following are some regional resources I was exploring today, curious about what "the scene" is like elsewhere.

Detroit Gothic

This resource for Detroit-area goths and alternative folks has been around since 2001! Their Facebook page isn't active at all, but I'm listing it anyway in case that changes sometime soon. Meanwhile, their forums are active, full of event and club listings, discussions, photos and want ads/classifieds. A really vibrant and useful community! on Facebook


"Your guide to the San Francisco underworld." MisterMephisto's highly organized and updated events calendar for the SF area, including club listings, upcoming concerts, plus some links and resources. Since this is one person's informative web page, not a community, there aren't forums. on Facebook


A Brazilian goth community, in Portuguese. Besides the event and concert listings, they post the occasional YouTube video of popular goth bands like Sisters of Mercy.

GoticoDF on Facebook

Verve Arcana

A Brazilian goth community started by Conatus. There are event listings and upcoming festivals, but the forums aren't super active.

South African Vampyre Community

This community organizes itself around a 225-member Facebook page, a blog and a main information portal. Somebody is working really hard to maintain and promote all of this! Good job.

The South African Vampire Community, on Facebook

Gothic Shanghai

A group of expatriates from various countries organizes events for goths in Shanghai, China. They have a yearly Victorian picnic and other fun sounding events. There appears to be a lot more goth and darkwave music events in China than I had expected, cool!

Gothic Shanghai on Facebook

Malmo Electrogoth

An events calendar for electro and goth events and club nights in the city of Malmo, Sweden.

Malmo Electrogoth on Facebook

Colorado Gothic & Lolita Society

This community organizes lots of fun events, including an upcoming meetup at the zoo in Colorado Springs. They even did a Lolita Easter egg hunt this year - I bet they had a blast!

Colorado Gothic & Lolita Society, on Facebook

Boston Gothic & Lolita

A closed group on Facebook for local gothic lolitas to organize events and chat about their gothic lolita fashions.

Boston Gothic & Lolita on Facebook

Las Vegas Goths

I'm sure there are other resources for the active, busy goth and industrial scene in Las Vegas. Here's some helpful resources I've been checking out today. I just got back from Vegas and realized I failed to go to any goth clubs or fun events while I was there. Now I'll be better prepared for my next trip, which hopefully will be this fall!

VegasGoths on Facebook

The Las Vegas Goth/Industrial and Fetish Scene, on Facebook

Vegas Goths at

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