October 24, 2012

New Paranormal Links

Damned Connecticut

A very well designed website featuring everything strange that's going on in the state of Connecticut. Currently featuring Halloween 2012 events in Connecticut, offering an updated feed of weird news, covering the history of the Connecticut witchcraft trials, and sharing their list of the Top 10 Haunted Places in Connecticut. Great resources here, I am so impressed.


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Ghost Hunting Theories

This blog covers Bigfoot, paranormal theories, horror, ghost hunting, and urban exploration. The bloggest, Autumnforest, is an author of horror fiction and paranormal non-fiction books.


Ghost Stories and Haunted Places

Jessica's blog on ghost stories, horror, Halloween, and haunted places. I particularly enjoyed her recent post on Five Historic Halloween Traditions to Bring Back. I also got a kick out of her post on Getting in Trouble Looking for Ghosts.


Ghost Mysteries

True ghost stories, submitted by readers; plus news, ghost pictures, orb pictures, and some ghost video footage.



This site offers over 6500 ghost stories. There is also a busy, active set of paranormal forums/message boards.


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Haunted Society

A Ning social network for paranormal enthusiasts, started in July 2012. There are discussion forums, photos, videos, a directory of haunted places, and groups for various regional ghost hunter clubs and organizations.


Your Ghost Stories

Over 11,000 user-submitted ghost stories. There are also a few articles on ghosts and on famous haunting, plus ghost pictures and videos. Two directories on the site present listings of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators as well as ghost tours and haunted hotels.


Live Paranormal

A social network for the paranormal, horror, sci-fi, and the unexplained. It doesn't look like all that dark of a site, but that's ok. There's a lot of emphasis on live chat and radio shows offered here. There's a lot to explore here - blogs, news, book recommendations, and a links directory.



"Ghostly legends from the Wabash valley." Indiana hauntings, ghosts and paranormal tales and rumors.


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