October 23, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe Month: Poe-Themed Desserts

The Raven and The Black Cat Cupcakes

The Lone Baker, an Australian blogger, shares step-by-step photos of her Black Cat mini cupcakes and Raven cupcake. Also check out her Weep Now or Never More cupcake.

The Raven and the Black Cat Cupcakes

Red Velvet Raven: Edgar Allan Poe Cookies

Ashleigh painstakingly sketched out her cookies ahead of time, then cut, baked and painted them. Each of the twelve beautiful cookies here is based on a Poe short story. I wish there was more info here on how she made these, and more step-by-step photos.

Ashleigh's Sweet Bytes

Edible Poe Festival

The NHTI library recently had a Poe-themed dessert competition. There are a few really cool pics of the winning entries here.

Edible Poe Festival

Tell-Tale Heart Cupcakes

Jen's chocolate cupcakes slice open to reveal raspberry tell-tale hearts.

Tell Tale Heart Cupcakes, at Eat Swim Shop

Edgar Allan Poe Burial Place Cake

Miss Cupcake was asked to commission an Edgar Allan Poe themed cake, and here's what she came up with.

Tell Tale Heart Cake version, from The Miss Cupcake

Raven Cupcake

The Raven book themed cupcakes from Evelin November-Dusk.

The Raven Cupcake, on Deviantart

Also see:

Nevermore, at The Secret Catacombs of Cake and Tea

Whipped Bakeshop's Raven-themed Cake

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