August 21, 2012

New Dark Links for August 21, 2012



Enjoyable illustrations of ghosts, skulls, vampire girls, zombies, and pumpkins. The artist, Schuyler Abrams, lives in Savannah, Georgia.

The Bizarre Art of Schuyler Abrams Blog

Jim Kazanjian

Oh my god. These images of dark, odd, freaky houses and buildings just blew me away. So amazing. Apparently his work consists of composites of up to 50 photographs collaged together using software and his talent for manipulating images. The results are stunning. He certainly has an eye for this.

The artist lives in Portland, Oregon. His work is currently being exhibited at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Jim Kazanjian on Facebook

Jim Kazanjian on Twitter

Travis Louie

Surreal art styled as though it's vintage portraiture. Ok, I linked to this artist back in 2010 but since then he's developed a Facebook and Twitter presence, so I thought I'd do an update here. I promise I won't get in the habit of relisting previous links though!

Art of Travis Louie Blog

Travis Louie Art on Facebook

Travis Louie

Travis Louie on Twitter


Strange Little Girls

This shop sells dark little gothic rag dolls by UK artist Jo Hards. The dolls are made from cloth and are considered art dolls and collectors' items. My favorite doll here is "Starling," pictured above.

Strange Little Girls on Facebook


The Everyday Goth

Mary Rose's blog. I enjoy this blog a lot. Every time I come back, I find myself going back deeper into the archives of old posts reading over things I'd missed. Currently blogging about thoughts on workplace dress codes; the link between BDSM and goth; a nice guide to cemetery etiquette; and Halloween decor for year-round design.

HORROR GENRE: Horror Podcast

Podcasts appear to be posted every couple weeks, and mainly cover reviews and discussion of horror films from the past 1-20 years. I love the episode titles, such as Episode 78: "Come Out, Come Out, Whereever You Are." Perfect for a podcast discussing Cape Fear.

In the Games of Madness

Thoughts on horror game development from the Swedish designers of a couple dark games. Recent posts include The Self, Presence and Storytelling; Horror Tip: Slender; and thoughts on the Walking Dead game.

The Monster Channel

Here's the world's first 24/7 interactive horror television channel. You can't watch it on cable, but you sure as hell can easily watch it right on your PC. You can also stream it over the net onto your existing gaming or TV equipment. Developed by my old friend Joe Sena from Universal.

While you watch the shows (currently they're acquiring horror and monster content broadcast rights as quickly as they can) you can chat with other viewers. I couldn't find a way to quickly pause or mute a noisy commercial, so ended up going backwards to get away from it. (I do understand why commercials need to be here). Relieved to find you can pause and mute the actual shows. It looks like this is running via Livestream.

I have no idea what I'm watching live right now - I'm looking all over the screen for a bug or any kind of notification as to what's on. There appear to be 15 other people watching this with me right now. I'm excited by this concept, but there might need to be some more tweaks to be made still.

The Monster Channel, on Facebook

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