January 13, 2012

16 Beautiful Dark Things to Look Forward to in 2012

1. Closer - a Joy Division Celebration

In April 2012, in Australia, Peter Hook's band Peter Hook and The Light will perform Joy Division's "Closer" album, live and in entirety. They will do so in four cities: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide. I would love to see this. There's no Australian travel in my immediate future however, sadly!

Closer - A Joy Division Celebration with Peter Hook, on Facebook

Closer - A Joy Division Celebration Ad, on YouTube

2. The Raven Movie Premieres

On March 9, The Raven will hit theaters. Starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, the film is highly fictionalized. Edgar Allan Poe does detective work to find and stop a serial killer in Baltimore.

The Raven Movie (Official)

The Raven 2012 on IMDB

The Raven Movie Trailer, at Apple

3. Dark Shadows Movie Premieres

Tim Burton's long-awaited project premieres May 11, 2012.

Dark Shadows on IMDB

Dark Shadows Fan Site, on Facebook

Dark Shadows News

4. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Premieres

Starring one of my favorite dark brooding actors (Rufus Sewell), this movie based on a mashup novel comes out on June 22, 2012.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, on IMDB

5. Blade Animated Series

On Friday, January 13th, Marvel's Blade animated series will debut on the G4 network. It's already aired in Japan in 2011. Twelve half-hour episodes will air.

Marvel Anime, on Wikipedia

6. Prometheus Movie Premieres

This film takes place before the events in Alien, but is not a "prequel." You won't see Sigourney Weaver in it, for example. I'm looking forward to the beautifully dark story this will surely tell. The film opens in June.

Prometheus (Official)

Prometheus Movie, on Facebook

Prometheus, on IMDB

Prometheus News from AVP Spectrum.com

Alien Prequel News

7. The Woman in Black Movie Premieres

Daniel Radcliffe experiments with a role in a spooky ghost story. It hits theaters soon - February 3.

Woman in Black (Official)

The Woman in Black Trailer, at Apple

The Woman in Black Movie, on Facebook

The Woman in Black, on IMDB

8. World War Z Movie Premieres

Brad Pitt interviews survivors of the zombie apocalypse. It will premiere just in time for Christmas 2012 - how lovely.

World War Z, at IMDB

World War Z, on Wikipedia

9. Paranorman Movie Premieres

Here's something I'm looking forward to immensely. It's by the same animation company (Laika) that did Coraline.

Paranorman (Official)

Paranorman, on IMDB

Paranorman, on Facebook

Paranorman Trailer, on Apple

10. Convergence

The yearly get-together for denizens of alt.gothic. This year it's on June 15-17, 2012 in Buffalo, NY. Sadly, I don't think I can go this year due to having so many foster kids.


11. Southern Gothic Festival

A gothic and industrial music festival held in New Orleans. This year it takes place July 12 - 15.


12. Midlands Goth Festival

A music festival that takes place February 18, 2012 in Birmingham, UK. Some of the bands appear to be "goth metal" or metal, not goth though.


13. Whitby Gothic Weekends

The most important yearly goth event in the world. This year's events take place April 26-30 and Halloween through November 5, 2012.


14. Wave-Gotik-Treffen

Leipzig, Germany is taken over by gruftis for an entire weekend. This year it takes place May 25-28.


15. Resistanz International Industrial Festival

An industrial music festival, April 7-8 in Sheffield, UK. This year's lineup includes Icon of Coil and Be My Enemy.


Resistanz Festival, on Facebook

16. World Horror Con 2012

Horror professionals meet up in Salt Lake City March 29 - April 1, 2012. Mike Mignola is the Artist Guest of Honor, and Dacre Stoker appears as a special guest.


--Carrie Carolin


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