December 28, 2011

Gothic Lolita Links

ABC Lolita

"American-Born Chinese Lolita" blogs about the tea parties she's attended; the Lolita meetups she's attended; and what she's sewing and wearing lately.

Aesthetic Lolita

A lot of beauty reviews, Lolita beauty tips, and tips on fashion.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright San Francisco Blog


The US flagship store for the brand, located in San Francisco, blogs about their newest offerings. They carry BTSSB as well as the sub-brand Alice and the Pirates. They're currently blogging about an after-Christmas coat sale.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Andrea blogs about her love of Gothic and Lolita fashion and the lifestyle. Recently she's been excited about a new DAL doll, and the upcoming Jane by Design TV show (which I think my teenager and I will check out, too!)

F Yeah Lolita

A Lolita fashion and lifestyle blog that's one of my favorites for keeping up with what's going on. Currently posting about the Lace & Petticoats documentary, the current trend in fawn fur, and reviews of steampunk shops.

Lolita Valentines

A Livejournal community for sending appreciation to your fellow lolis. Pics are hosted on Tinypic. As Valentine's Day is now just a couple months away, the community is gearing up again.

Lolita Weekly

This blog features outfit pics, clothing and brand reviews, and news on shops and Loli fashion.

Makelovely's Blog

She tries to post her outfit every day, and shares info on brands she's discovered.

Midnight Circus

Ria blogs about her Lolita fashions she wears, plus finds, events and fun things.

Miss Lumpy

"Beauty & Opulence for Modern Maidens." A Lolita lifestyle and aesthetics blog. Some recent posts of interest include Lolita Beauty Don'ts, photos from a Lolita brunch, and a review of some fabulous paper eyelashes.

The Weekend Lolita

Andie's blog features beauty product reviews, interesting Lolita-related things she's found online, plus posts on food, outfits and music.

The Fashionate Traveler

This blogger travels to Japan twice a year, and encourages readers to be adventurous and seek out new experiences. Check out the fabulous beaded outfit she wore for Christmas; her gorgeous gothic curly updo for an event; and the neon brights she recently purchased. Lots here to enjoy reading about!

Parfait Doll

Victoria Suzanne blogs about her passions: pastels, Pullip dolls, dollhouses, and her teacup Pomeranian. Many recent posts have concerned Christmas gift suggestions for Lolitas, but they weren't affiliate spammy and I expect her blog to continue on posting interesting Lolita finds in the months ahead.

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