September 10, 2010

7 Incredible Goth Houses to Buy if You Win the Lottery

1. Gothic Revival Castle in San Francisco

For a smidge less than $8 mil, you could traipse around your own gothic castle late at night, sipping port wine in your library, bathing in one of your two Roman baths, or playing dressup in your cavernous walk-in closet. The photos of this house are jaw-dropping, but it's a bit painful for me to see the modern furnishings the castle is currently decorated with for staging.

The house was converted from a former church. It's massive, but doesn't seem to have proper bedrooms - the beds, for now, are just set in the middle of some of the monstrously huge common rooms.

Hey, is this neighborhood zoned for mixed use? This would make an *amazing* nightclub. And since you won the lottery, you could afford to heat and staff it, while still charging just a modest cover charge!

601 Dolores, on

2. French Gothic Chateau in Seattle

For a mere $11 million, you could have the opportunity to "gothify" this lovely turreted home. A few gargoyles added to the gate and roof, a proper labyrinth designed in the garden, heavy window coverings to block out the light, and you're good to go.

1900 Shenandoah Dr, on Yahoo! Real Estate

1900 Shenandoah on

3. Balcastle, in the Hamptons

Take just 5 million of your lottery winnings to treat yourself to a "summer cottage" in the Hamptons. This is a 1911 Gothic Revival castle. I love the gazebo!

Balcastle, at BHS Hamptons

Balcastle, at Trulia

Balcastle, at Wikipedia

4. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The interior and exterior of the Mercer house were used in the filming of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. (Pardon me for a moment while I mentally drool over John Cusack). Definitely a creepy house! Whoops, it's actually not for sale, being a historic mansion and all.. but with your lottery winnings, money talks, and I bet you could get it for $8 mil.

429 Bull Street, on Zillow

"Midnight in the Garden's" Effect on Savannah

The Mercer House

5. Anne Rice in New Orleans

Anne Rice's former home in NOLA is still up for sale. It was the setting for "The Witching Hour."

1239 1st St, on Yahoo!

The Brevard House, at

1239 First Street, at Anne

Rosegate, at Noteworthy in NOLA

6. Amityville Horror House

The house where the Lutz family had paranormal experiences, based on the Amityville murders. Merely $1.1 million gets you the chance to experience freaky shit for yourself after you move in.

Amityville House, on Yahoo!

Amityville House, on Zillow

7. Benjamin Stanley Freeman House, Massachusetts

Gorgeous Victorian, lovingly restored by the people (who created the amazing Steampunk home).

Benjamin Stanley Freeman House at Online Property Showcase

390 Mount Hope, at

So which one would you buy first?

--Carrie Carolin

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  1. House in Savannah, followed by Anne Rice's place, then the one in Mass. I've always wanted to live in Savannah....

  2. Wow! I love the last one in MA, but I would by the first SF property, I love SF :)