September 8, 2010

13 Fun Fonts for Halloween

1. Norfok's Fonts

Free fonts at Norfok include Friday 13, Nusgoth ("the font of the Necronomicon,") Hellbound, Hellraiser, Scream Real, and Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Cool stuff here!

2. A Lolita Scorned

A Lolita Scorned, at

3. Dungeon

Dungeon Font, at

4. Blood of Dracula

A blood-dripping font.

Blood of Dracula, at

5. Skulz

A Wingdings type font, but with cool skulls.

Skulz, at

6. Wild Wood

Wild Wood is for personal, non-commercial use only. I think it would be great for a country Halloween party invitation, or a personal primitive Halloween crafts or witchy blog.

Wild Wood, at Fontspace

7. Evilz

Another Wingdings font, this one with cute skulls, coffins, a spider, a bat, and other cool gothy symbols.

Evilz, at Fontspace

8. Ghoulish

A nicely creepy font by Sinister Fonts.

Ghoulish, at Fontspace

9. Sinister Fonts

Several incredibly cool Halloween and horror freeware fonts. Such an awesome resource, you'll definitely want to bookmark it. The newest font is "Spiderfingers."

10. Vampire Fonts

Fonts suggested for vampire-themed uses, but I think you might want to use them for various Halloween projects too. The fonts offered here include Cabaletta, Castellar, DeRoos, Malkavian, Mordred, and Werewolf. The fonts are TTF, but are stored in rar format instead of zip like most font archives I've seen. Be sure you have a way to unrar.

Vampire Fonts at Kismet's World of Darkness

11. Nightmare Before Christmas

I can only imagine several emergencies you might run into where you'd need a nice Nightmare Before Christmas-themed font!

Nightmare Before Christmas Font, at Fontspace

12. Haunted

A great font for party invitations or announcing your haunted yard or haunted house.

Haunted Font, at

13. Nosferatu

The classic, infamous Nosferatu font. I used to see it on so many Geocities vampire pages back in the day, so I'm including it here for nostalgia.

Nosferatu, at Urban Fonts

Happy typing!

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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