August 29, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Terrific Goth/Horror TV Links

1. Being Human

A vampire (Mitchell), a werewolf (George) and a ghost (Annie) share a flat. This currently is the show I look forward to the most every week. It airs on BBC America. I have a bit of a crush on George (when he's in human form, not when he's a gross hairy werewolf) and I adore the quirky way that Annie continually makes unsolicited and unnecessary cups of tea, piling them up around the apartment.

Being Human, at Livejournal

Being Human Fanfic, on Livejournal

Being Human, on IMDB

Being Human, on Wikipedia

2. Coffin Cafe

A social network for lovers of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Charmed, and other supernatural films and TV shows.

3. The Addams Family

The classic black-and-white TV show. I can't believe they aired something this weird and macabre in the 1960s! That is so cool.

The Addams Family, on Hulu

The Addams Family, on IMDB

The Addams Family, on Wikipedia

4. Dark Shadows

For a show that has such a rabid fan base, it's interesting that there aren't very many high quality fan sites that are still updated in 2010. I wonder if that will improve as we get closer to Tim Burton beginning filming his Dark Shadows movie.

Dark Shadows 1966, on IMDB

Dark Shadows Festival

Dark Shadows Forums

Dark Shadows Resurrected

Dark Shadows Wiki

Dark Shadows, the Revival, on Hulu

Dark Shadows, at Wikipedia

5. The Dead Zone

I preferred the Christopher Walken movie, but Anthony Michael Hall did a good job.

The Dead Zone, at IMDB

Dead Zone Fan Fiction

6. Forever Knight

Anybody here remember this show?

Forever Knight, on Hulu

Forever Knight, at IMDB

Forever Knight, at Wikipedia

7. Gormenghast

I've never actually seen Gormenghast, though I own the DVD. My best friend's cat is named Steerpike, and I had totally no inkling where that name came from! Now that I realize this stars a youthful Johnathan Rhys-Meyers, I might go put the DVD in right this minute!

Gormenghast Fan Fiction

Gormenghast, at IMDB

Gormenghast on Wikipedia

8. American Gothic

Whoah, I hadn't realized that 1970s heartthrob Shaun Cassidy produced this horror TV series.

American Gothic, on Hulu

American Gothic Episode Guide

American Gothic, at IMDB

American Gothic, at Wikipedia

9. Kindred: The Embraced

I wasn't really into this show, but I had so many goth friends and acquaintances who were semi-obsessed with it. Since they talked about it non-stop, it was almost as if I had seen every episode myself.

Kindred: The Embraced, at IMDB

Kindred: The Embraced, at Wikipedia

Kindred: The Embraced, Outdated Fan Site

Forgotten Favorites: Kindred: The Embraced

10. Moonlight

I feel dumb, I had never heard of this show until about two years ago. You'd think in all my research and wanderings on the Net I would have heard about it long before then. The show is about a vampire who works as a private investigator.

Moonlight Line

Moonlight Army

Moonlight Fan Fiction

Moonlight TV, on Livejournal

Moonlight on IMDB

Moonlight on Wikipedia

11. The Munsters

Another weird 1960s

The Munsters on Facebook

The Munster Koach

The Munsters Today, on Hulu

The Munster Mansion

The Munsters on IMDB

The Munsters on Wikipedia

12. The Outer Limits

I actually never had all that many links to this, one of my favorite TV shows to watch late at night or early in the morning.

The Outer Limits, at IMDB

The Outer Limits, on Hulu

The Outer Limits Episode Guide

The Outer Limits, on Wikipedia

13. Poltergeist: The Legacy

This was a truly bad show, but it had tons of fans back in the day. I spent a lot of time adding and removing Geocities fan pages when they got created and then melted down or got abandoned. The Legacyweb site has been going strong since 1996 - now that's dedication!

Poltergeist: The Legacy, on Hulu

Poltergeist: The Legacy, on IMDB

Poltergeist: The Legacy, at Wikipedia

--Carrie Carolin (who never got around to adding Dexter links before Darklinks got shut down!)

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